Let’s Improve Our Children’s Talents!

السلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم  جميعا طول  حياتك، أمين

In this occasion, I will write and discuss about “Talent” especially about “Improving our children’s talents.”  I’m sure our children have an unique talent or maybe multi talents. This is such a great favor from our Lord.  But, the problems are;

  1. How to find the talent of our children?
  2. How to improve the talents of our children?

Here, I’ll share a little of my experience in improving my son’s talent. Actually, I have seen a few talents of my son. He loves drawing, math, language, and repaired his toy cars. I see, he loves drawing a lot than others. He uses much time for drawing every day. He enjoys this activity much. We made an agreement about his learning. I have ever said to him, “If you are ready for reading, just tell me, okay! You can finish your drawing first! I know, you’re enjoying drawing a lot.”  He replied, “Okay Mom! I know that! Don’t worry!”

Suddenly, I remember to the members of my big family. Some of them are good at drawing. My grandma’s brothers, my uncles, my younger brother, and Kaka’s uncle are very good at drawing. Kaka’s father too is good at drawing. I love drawing too, but just a hobby, not good at all. Unluckily, they don’t improve their talents well, only one (Kaka’s uncle whose name Ivan Fauzi Ridwan)   who improves his talent well. He often becomes a winner in many competitions, such as drawing and Islamic calligraphy competition.

That’s a little about my family. Now, I’ll try to response the questions above.

  1. How to find the talent of our children?

I asked my son about his hobby. Then, I pay my attention at his hobby. As I said before, he has many hobbies, but he said that he loves drawing a lot. I see his drawing that he has made. I asked about his pictures. He explained his drawing fervently. He showed them to me, then asked, “What do you think about my drawing, Mom?” Yes, till this time, I agree with him, his talent is drawing, he loves it a lot, he enjoys his activity, and he has ability at it. Alhamdulillah!

Kaka loves drawing so much.
Kaka loves drawing so much.
  1. How to improve the talents of our children?

Base on my experience, I have been doing these things to my son:

  • Support our children personally nicely and warmly.
  • Giving the suitable material/ tools for improving their talents. (I gave a few drawing tools, and he can choose the tutorial drawing book at bookstore).
  • Download some applications for phone and PC, so our children can learn more from many sources. (I have downloaded “Paint Cars”, “How to draw Manga”, and another applications.
  • Giving good attention at their talents, I meant not stop when they are enjoying their activities. If we want to talk with them, use nice speech and never force them to do something according our desire. We can make agreements here. I have done it.
  • Making a lot of prayers for our children. May Allah make their lives easy, and may their talents can give many advantages for themselves and this ummah.

The following are Kaka’s drawing:


"Probe" in Boboiboy movie. :)
“Probe” in Boboiboy movie.
Boboiboy n friends. he..he
Boboiboy n friends. he..he
Dino's family.
Dino’s family.
Kaka use "Paint" in PC. A boy is playing a kite on the roof in the evening, LOL!
Kaka use “Paint” in PC.
A boy is playing a kite on the roof in the evening, LOL!
He drew like this, when he didn't get ideas.
He drew like this, when he didn’t get ideas.

That’s all I can share about improving our children talents. If you have any ideas or experiences, you may share here! I believe in you my dear friends, you have great experience about talent.

Jzakumullah for reading it! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Let’s Improve Our Children’s Talents!”

  1. When I was studying to be a teacher I took a couple of drawing classes from Bruce McIntyre. He’s the first person I’m aware of who used video lessons to teach drawing to young children. He believed that drawing is a universal language, and that everyone, talented or not, can learn enough of the basic drawing skills to communicate effectively. I think so, too, and used his materials to teach drawing to students in grades 1-6 for 30 years. Obviously your son will go much farther than basic skills, but Bruce’s Drawing Textbook might be a good resource for you. It teaches 6 (or maybe 7) basic principles of drawing, primarily through pictures. Kids always loved the lessons, and everyone else was always amazed at the results!

    Your son is adorable! I’m sure he will do great things!

    Here’s the URL for the book at Amazon. I don’t know if you can get it where you live, but here it is anyway!

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    1. Thank you very much for your nice compliment, Sis! Well that is good information for me. I live in Indonesia, I dunno my country is available for it or not. Thank you very much for everything, you are a great teacher. 😊

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    1. Oh, thank you so much, Sis! I just do as I can to improve his talent. Actually I’m not a good mom, but I’m trying to be a good mom for my son. I’m sure, every moms will do the best for their children. Thank you for your nice words, Sis! 😊

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  2. Masha’Allah this post made me smile from ear to ear! May Allah bless your son! He’s very talented, you must be so proud masha’Allah ❤ I loved everything about this post, from the story of your family talents, to the pictures of your son's drawings, and the tips and advice were fantastic as well 🙂 Well done sis xoxo

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    1. Ameen summa ameen, jazakillah ahsanul jazaa to your beautiful duas, Sister! I pray the same for your sweet children too. Actually, Kaka draws not only on drawing books, but also on notebooks, even when he was a child (2 to) he drew on the wall of his room, boxes, bag, and others 😅
      Alhamdulillah I have found his talent. He isn’t schooling yet, so he learns reading n writing through drawing. He draws something, then writes then he read the words. Once again, thank you very much for your nice compliment, my sister. I’m sure your children had unique talents too. 😊

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