Hand Lettering 17- Consistent

I’m happy that I can post new pic again here.

I chose the word “consistent” because I really need it in every positive thing. I admitted I do many things inconsistently.

What about you, guys?!


Thank you for visiting and viewing. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hand Lettering 17- Consistent”

    1. Thank you, my sis. Your sweet words means a lot to me. I only changed the name of my blog, and the tagline, sis. I don’t delete my old posts, you can see from the menu above. I changed it, because I thought that I can’t change the situations around me better. So here in my new blog, I focus to explore my hand writing. But, I still feel interest to post the other topic that related to the categories of my blog. thank you again for your asking Sis Saadia.
      Btw, do you set the count of comments in your posts, Sis? I can’t reply your comment on your post.

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      1. Yes, I found the old stories after browsing your site, very very nice the new blog layout is! Due to hectic routine, I had to set the comment section for posts open for one week and than they close so probably you were writing on some post that has already closed comments sorry for that. But you can write on the latest post or on About The Blog link which ever is easier for you 🙂


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