How to Bind The Idea?

Image source: Catatan Harian Syamsudin Kadir -
Image source: Catatan Harian Syamsudin Kadir –

Idea can be found everywhere. At public places, at homes, even in ourselves.

For the (active writers), finding the idea is something easy to do.  Such like you. But, for me, idea is like a wild camel. If I don’t bind it, it’ll go.


And how to bind it?!

  • Take a rope!
  • Bind it!
  • Finish! 😀

I have my way to keep the idea:

  • Use pen, phone or any materials that can be used to write,
  • Write the global of idea shortly
  • When get the time, write the whole idea become a post.

I got the ideas many times, I forgot, I didn’t write them, I lost them all. 😀  I couldn’t memorize them well, what I should write when I lost them. 😉

That’s why I use the way above to keep the idea.

If you have the other ways, I’d love to hear it from you.


Let’s catch the idea right now! 😉


Thank you for reading my short post! ❤

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