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Limits – Two Voices

Assalamu’alaikum everyone!

I hope you’re doing great! 🙂


The Prompt

Write a story told only in dialogue



I Will Never Sell My Honesty

“Here is money for you Mr. Umar Faruq! You’re duty is very easy, just put your signature in this proposal. I’ll keep yourself, and I won’t say to public about your involvement in our business!” said Mr. Ghozali. He was trying to seduce Mr. Umar the headmaster of Jakarta Islamic International School to approve his proposal.

“Do keep in your mind, Sir! It isn’t my business! I can’t help your son to get the high result in final exam. It’s a cheat! Your son must learn hard to get good result. Sorry for that!”

“Wow! Wonderful! I admire your personality, Mr. Faruq! I can’t believe it, in this era, I still find the honest person like you, Mr! Okay, it’s the last chance for you! Please put your signature, here!” said Mr Ghozali. He gave the proposal to Mr.Faruq.

“Ha..ha, thank you for your praise and your huge offering, Mr Ghozali. Okay, I’ll approve it, but please answer my questions first!”
Mr Ghozali laughed and asked, “What’s questions, Sir? I’m not a student anymore! Ha..ha!”

Mr. Faruq smiled at his arrogance guess and said, “If I approve your asking, can you secured me from my Lord?”

“That’s funny question! It’s our business…..”

“Your business! Do remember it!” protested Mr.Faruq.

“Okay, it’s about my business in this world, not in heaven. Forget your Lord Mr.Faruq! Let’s enjoy our lives! Accept that money, it will help to recover all your needs. I do know about your salary’s amount!!
Mr.Faruq was very mad at his guess, but he calmed himself, “You’ve done big mistake in choosing the person! And I have to explain something, your name was taken from the great name of a pious ulama Al Ghozali. If I were you, I’ll shy to do this contemptible deed!”


“I will never sell my honesty, Mr. Ghozali! Thank you for offering, and now please leave my room!”
Mr Ghozali was really upset. He left the room and slammed the door rudely. Mr. Faruq was seeing his guess leaving the room, then said in his heart, “You can’t buy everything with your money, Mr. Ghozali. May Allah guide you!”


I published it too late. My phone’s screen was broken, so I couldn’t connect to internet for several days. I don’t use modem to get the connection. I was so bored, because I couldn’t say hello to you, my friends!  🙂
Finally I wrote a story someday! LOL!

May 16 – Limits: Second Person

Today we’re taking on the rare point of view: second person.

The Prompt
Write A Story In The Second Person

Oh, I had never written short story in second person. I just read about it in “A Story A Day in May.” Then I searched the examples of this point of view. Hard challenge!

Here is my writing!

Your new life was begun in that night. That night has given you bad story. You walked alone from your campus. You went home so late because there was meeting in your campus. Your friend Raisa has offered her help to accompany you to your home, but you refused her. You said that you’ll be fine. But, your guess was wrong, in the retired place before you passed the bridge, the four men have waylaid you. They held your hands and took your property. Not only that, they forced you to serve their desire. Yes, they raped you over and over till you fainted.

You only screamed, but nobody heard your voice. They left you there after raped you. They laughed loudly after that. They have taken your virginity. You cried, and cried along the night. You walked the way of your home wobbly. Bloody!

Your parents found you crying along your days and nights. You didn’t answer their question. You felt very sad and have tried to end your life. But, your parents and your family always help you and console you. They will never leave you in the darkness.

Since that, you have hated all the men. You have forgotten all your boyfriends. You said to yourself that all the men are same. You totally hated them. You were despondent. Finally, in your anger you made decision to leave your home and take to road. The other extreme decision, you proclaimed as a lesbian. You felt happy and got peace with your own way. You have left your religion and forgotten to worship your Lord.

You were so proud with your new life. You wrote and share about yourself in social media, “I AM A LESBIAN AND I AM PROUD OF THIS LABEL. I’LL MARRY A WOMAN TOMORROW!”

May 15 Limits: First Person

The Prompt
Write A Story In the First Person

“O, Allah! Yassirlana umuurona! Yasirlana umuurona!”

I don’t know what I have to do now. I don’t know the way to find much money to help my family. My wife just asked me money to buy some food and to treat our daughter. She is getting problem with her bronchial tube. I’m only a shop keeper, and my salary isn’t enough to recover all our needs.

Abi, we have to take Zainab to hospital. She isn’t getting well. I’m worried about her!” Salma told me about Zainab. It was heartbreaking. I said to please her heart and trying to give her hope, “Insha’Allah, I’ll find other job to get much money. Please pray for me! I’ll go now, Umi! Take care!” After kissing my wife and my daughter, I left the house to find other job. I have to do it for my family.

Finding job for men in this country is really difficult. Most of factories need women worker than men. It isn’t fair for men. I was graduated from Indonesian University, Information Management Program. But, I wasn’t lucky, my certificate was burnt when the fire burnt our house five years ago. My parents were died, and so my younger sister Aisha. I lost all my family in that accident. I was very sad, I couldn’t save my family and all the property.
I knew it was test from Allah and I accepted my life today.
It was sad to remember my past, I have to face my life today. My family needs much money now.

“O, Allah, help me to face this life! Guide me, O Allah!”
Untill dzuhur prayer, I didn’t find a job yet. I decided to take pray in Masjid. When I put my shoes on the rack, I heard someone called my name.
“Samir, you’re here? Hey do you remember me? I’m Musa, your close friend in University.”
I hunted about for the voice, and I saw a tall man with white skin was standing in front of me, “masha’Allah Musa, is it really you? Allah blesses you my brother!”
“Alhamdulillah, it’s very nice to see you here!”
Finally, we talked a lot after praying. He told me everything, about his business and his success life. He asked me a lot. I told him a little of my life, I didn’t want to share my sadness and my hardship to others even to my closest friend.
“I can see your hardship from your eyes, Samir. Please do tell it to me. Perhaps I can help you!” Musa asked me again. And I told him.
“Actually, I want to help you, Samir. I need a smart worker to manage my factory in Surabaya. Can you join with me?” Musa gave his idea to help me.
“O, I lost my certificate, Musa. I can’t leave my family for this time. I still have other job as a shopkeeper.”
“I don’t need your certificate, I only need your skill Samir! Please think about it!”
“I can leave my job next month, friend. I have to treat my daughter first.” I explained about my affairs.
“I have doubt about it if you wait till next month. O, wait…! I have other idea.” Musa lower his voice.
“I have friend whom need many workers this time. This job is very easy. You only have to deliver something to consumers.”
“What’s job, Musa?” I was interested with his idea.
“Be a courier. You can contact him if you’re interested.” Musa gave me a name card. I said many thanks to him.


Today was the third day I did my new job. It was really very simple job. I was like a postman. The different were I was paid everyday and I got some tips from my consumers.
I have delivered almost the packets. I still have three packets in baggage. I really loved this job. Tom, Musa’s friend was very kind. He gave me a motorcycle as my facility and had paid 50% of my salary in the first day. Alhamdulillah, I could take my daughter to hospital to get good treatment. Her mother and her uncle are accompanying her in hospital. Alhamdulillah for everything.

The traffic today was very crowded. Oh, I saw many policemen on cross road. I thought there was a raid. I drove my motor cycle slowly.
“Stop your motor, please park it here!” One of the policemen asked me to park my motor beside the road.
“Show me your identity, please!”
I show all my identity cards and driver’s license. “Complete! Now, please open the baggage!”
I did his order, “Only packets, Sir! I’m a courier!”
“Okay, I’ll open the packets!” He said again.
“Wait, Sir! There aren’t mine. Please don’t open them! It’s my responsibility to deliver them to the consumers.” I did mind with his order.
“Do you know what are they?”
I shook my head. I didn’t understand with his asking.
“You’ll be known in a few minutes, I’ll open them.” He asked to open the packet compulsively. I gave up with that situation.
“They’re narcotics! You can see them, Man!”
“Masha’Allah! I can’t believe it! They aren’t mine Sir! I swear by name of Allah, these packets aren’t mine!”
“You can explain about it in court, next! Now follow us to the Police office!”
“Sir, listen to me, please! I have family, my daughter is in hospital with my wife. I have to help them. If you catch me, so who will keep my family? Who will help them to pay the treatment? Who will…….” I protested with their decision.
“Pay your lawyer to help you!”


I can’t believe it. Musa, my closest friend has thrown me into jail. He sent me Tom to give me job. And I was so stupid accepted their offering. If I didn’t meet Musa, I’d be there accompany my lovely daughter in hospital. Allah, give me patience to pass this test. I’m Harun in jail now, in the cold place. I’ve failed to be a good father and a good husband! Forgive me O, Allah! Forgive me Salma! Forgive me my love Zainab! Forgive me, forgive me please!!! I was crying there mourned for my bad life.

Don’t be a Shopaholic!, May 13 – Limits: 100 Words or “Drabbles”

The Prompt
Write a story in exactly 100 words




Maryam and her son Isa were walking on the road. Maryam bought some uniforms for her son.
“Do you want to buy any food, Isa?”
“No, Mom! Thank you! I’m not hungry. Let’s go home now!” Isa refused his Mom’s offering.
“I can buy you some food if you wish.”
“No, Mommy, thanks! We have eaten and drunk. It’s enough for me. Please keep your money! Don’t be a shopaholic!” Isa suggested his mother to save her wallet.
Maryam was so proud of her son’s idea. She was glad that her son has understood about how to use money well.

Learning at college, May 11 – Memories

The Prompt
Write a story inspired by a memory from your own life

Talking about memory, well I had many experiences of it. The happiness, the sadness, horror, fun memory and so on. I did remember almost the memories of mine since I was a child (since I was 3). Yeah, I didn’t remember my life when I was baby , LOL.
I’ll write a funny story when I was student at Islamic Boarding School, I got many…many experiences there, because I live, stayed learned and connected with many people from all cities of Indonesia.

(I publish it too late!)  😀

It isn't my handwriting. In that time, my writing was rally like the picture of worms. Because I wrote while sleeping.
It isn’t my handwriting. In that time, my writing was really like the picture of worms. Because I wrote while sleeping.

Learning at College,1999.
I did follow two study programs in my school. Study program for boarding and for my college. I did learn for my boarding school in the morning then I continued my study after 01.00 pm till afternoon. There was learning activity in our night.

My friends and I gave good concentration for our boarding program, but we ignored a little to our college program. We were very busy to study there. There were many programs and activities, from morning till the night. Very tired but fun.

We were students of Islamic college, but we didn’t follow it well, just entered the class and sat inside, listen to our lecturers lazily. Sometimes, we don’t follow the lesson at all, because our times were taken for our boarding program. Almost of us were the managers in our boarding school. How we would give the good concentration if we couldn’t hear the voice of our lecturers. There was funny experience about it. Sorry, I will not tell the name of my lecturer, it’s forbidden.

At the middle day, we were sitting in class. We studied about Basic Social Sciences (Ilmu Sosial dasar). We tried to give full concentration to our lecturer, but we couldn’t hear her voice. It was too soft. Really!
What should I write from her explanation if I couldn’t hear her voice. I saw around and I found many of my friends were sleeping at class, lol! I asked to my friend slowly, “Why they are sleeping, Hani?”

“I think they are tired and they can’t hear the voice of our lecturer, I’m sleepy too. What about you?”

“This time I’m not sleepy, I’m not sure a few minutes later, perhaps I’ll follow them, ha..ha.”

“Are you writing something from her explanation?” Hani asked me again.

“Nope, ha..ha.” I gave her the sign that I couldn’t hear her voice.

“Eva, I’ll sleep now, he…he.” Hani informed me about that. It was funny!

“Please do! Sweet dream! He…he!” I saw Hani took a bow, but she still held her pen and opened her notebook. “Nice work, Hani!” I smiled at her.

I tried to pay good attention to my lecturer as I could, but I was failed. I was sleepy too, and I didn’t remember how many minutes I slept. I followed Hani’s way, I held my pen and put on my notebook like a student who writes the lesson. Hani waked me up after the lesson over.

“I can’t believe it, you slept too very well, ha..ha!” Hani said and laughed, “see your writing, it’s like the picture of worms. You drew them very good, Eva! Can you read your writing?”

“Ha..ha..ha, I can’t read my notebook! It’s so bad! I was so sleepy, Hani. I saw our friends were sleepy too, it wasn’t fair if I didn’t sleep here.” I laughed too. I asked to my other friends about the lesson, but nobody wrote well. Everyone said, “I didn’t write anything, what had I wrote?”

“Oh, that’s not good, Hani! We have to find the books as our references!” I offered my idea to her.

“Buying book needs money, you know! Why we don’t borrow to our teachers at boarding, I’m sure they have this book. What do you think about it?” Hani gave her idea.

“Hey, I agree with Hani!” Ida followed our discussion.

“Okay, this night we try to persuade our teachers!” I made decision and suggested them to borrow the book and our teachers’ notebooks. We were so close with our teachers. Some of them had similar ages with us, because they entered the boarding school after finished their elementary school, while we entering it after finished our senior high school.


“May I see your notebook, Eva?!” Ustadzah Afra asked my book.

“I’m shy Ustadzah, I didn’t write anything on it. It was hard to hear her explanation. So I slept at class, my friends too, he..he”
“You’re funny, dear! If you want to sleep don’t go to class, but sleep in your bedroom!”
“O, come on Ustadzah, may I borrow your book. I really need it. Next week I’ll face the exam!” I asked her to give her book.

“Okay, I’ll help you. Wait a moment okay!” Ustadzah Afra entered her room to take her books.

“Here it is! Do learn well, and get good mark for this lesson, okay! Next time, you must buy the books too. Ask to your lecturer about the references, so you will be ready to face your exam.”

“Insha’Allah, Ustadzah! I’ll do. Jazakillah for your help, I promise I’ll study well. You’re my best teacher Ustadzah!”

“Yes, of course I’m your best teacher, so you must be a good student! Good luck, my student!” Ustadzah Afra smiled at me.

I was lucky that I could get the book and her notebook, so I wasn’t worried about the exam. I didn’t know about internet in that time (1999). I didn’t know about modem, smart phone or modern devices. I only used books as my references in my study.

Now, we can get the information easily and fast. Just ask Mr. Google. LOL!

May 8 – Fairy Tale Redux

The Prompt
Re-tell a classic story in your own way

Please see the tips here!


I’ll re-tell a folk tale about “Kabayan and Iteung” it was a story from West Java, and I’ll try to change the story and its ending.
In original story, Kabayan was a husband of Iteung. But, in my story I’ll make Kabayan as Iteung’s brother. In original story, it told about the Kabayan’s dream when he found an egg. Kabayan was famous as a lazy man.


One day, Kabayan was asked by his mother to buy food to the market. Then, he asked his younger sister Iteung to accompany him to go to the market. When they were walking to the market, Iteung found an egg on the path. She was very happy then showed it to her brother.
“Kabayan, look at, I found an egg. I guess it is chicken egg. Do you want it?”

“Hey, I don’t understand how could you find it? Did you take it from our uncle’s hen house?” Kabayan had doubt about that.

“Nope! Don’t think about that, the main point I found it, might be it felt from the sky, a gold egg, he..he..”

“Give it to me! I have a great idea about it.” Kabayan received an egg from his sister.

“I’ll keep this egg and put it in the hen-house of our uncle. What do you think about it?” Kabayan asked his sister.

“I agree with you, Kabayan. From one egg, it’ll become a hen, then it will proliferate, then we’ll have a lot of hens. We’ll sell our hens and use the money to buy sheep and goats, right Kabayan?” Iteung gave her great idea.

“You’re great, my sister! Now, we have sheep and goats. I’ll become a famous shepherd and you’re a shepherdess. Yes, we’ll have much money, we can buy anything, we can help our parents. We’re great people Iteung! I’m so proud of you! Ha..ha..ha. What is your idea now?” Kabayan imagined and dreamt of his future.

“I want to sell our sheep and goats, then buy cows.” Iteung gave her opinion.

“Wow, if we have cows, we’ll drink milk every day, do you know the price of one cow?”

“I guess, it will be very expensive. Kabayan, I wanted to sell my cows, and buy Honda civic as our uncle’s car.”

Kabayan and Iteung were talking along their way to the market. It was not far from their house. Kabayan is eleven years old boy. He has a tall body and curly hair while his sister Iteung a nine years old girl has a dark skin, so the people call his sister as Iteung (black girl). But, she is sweet girl. They have same dream to be rich people, because their parents aren’t the wealthy people.

“You said, that you want to buy Civic, correct? I think it’s better for you to buy house first. Where will you park your car, if you don’t have house?” Kabayan cut Iteung’s dream.
Iteung didn’t agree with her brother, “I’ll live in your house.”

“It’s forbidden! You must buy house by yourself! I don’t want to live there with you!” Kabayan rejected his sister’s idea to live with him.

“You are stingy, Kabayan! Remember , that egg is mine, give it to me?”

“No way! It’s mine now.” Kabayan ran fast avoid his sister. He decided to go to the market by himself and left Iteung alone. He remembered that he should buy food soon.

“Wait! Kabayan, give the egg to me. That’s mine! I’ll keep by myself!” She tried to catch her brother and take the egg from her brother. But, Kabayan didn’t stop his run, he entered to the market, he ran too fast, he didn’t see around well, he was stubbed and felt. The egg was broken.

Iteung saw that her egg was broken, she was really mad at Kabayan, “You’re careless, Kabayan. You have broken my egg, you have broken my dream to buy civic. You’re stupid! I’ll tell it to Mommy!”


“What’s egg, dear?” their Mom asked them about egg.
Iteung told about that to her Mom completely. Her Mom heard the story well and smiled at her kids.

“Did you take the broken egg?”

“I kept it a little, Kabayan had broken it, Mom?” Iteung explained angrily.

Their Mommy took the egg and smelled it, “O dear, it has bad smell. I think, that egg was putridity. That was why the people threw it.”

Kabayan and Iteung were very shy to hear that the egg wasn’t good. They felt that they have to forget their dream to be rich people for a while. 😀

May 5 – Setting

The Prompt
Write A Story With A Strong Sense of Place

“Setting” can be a place, a time or a culture.

Whaaatt! It’s crazy idea! My parents will send me to continue my study to Islamic Boarding School. Why….why they chose Boarding School? I can’t live and study there well. I can’t leave my school in Nusantara High School Jakarta. It’s one of favorite school in Jakarta.

“Listen, Sarah! You don’t have any choice now. You must follow our idea. We can’t let you study in Nusantara till last grade. We are worried about your future there.” My Mom explained about her plan to me.
“Mom! I love my school!” I protested about their decision.
“Your school is good in language and physical sciences, but you will not get good lesson about manner and religion there. Now, prepare your equipment! Tomorrow we’ll go to Boarding School!”
“Mom! Dad! Please give me a chance to…….”
“Sorry dear! We can’t approve your request. Trust us, you’ll enjoy your study there.” My Dad cut my words.

Nooo! I don’t want go to study in Islamic Boarding School.


Finally, I came to Al Ishlah Boarding School, a famous Islamic Boarding School in East Java. I thought my senior school is better and larger than this boarding school. In my last school, every student was free to bring and use smart phone or gadget. But, here no phone, no gadget, no music only nasheed (Islamic songs), no TV and so on! We should wear hijab and abaya. Abaya was the uniform for female students. I didn’t wear hijab when I studied in Nusantara. Bobby, my boyfriend loved my hair. He said that I’m so pretty with my long hair. Missed you, Bobby!

I stayed in a room with 10 other students. My room is larger than this room and I have modern tools in my room. But, here I only saw simple beds, small cupboards for our clothing and books. It was a crowded room. I promised I will be a trouble student here, I promised for that. So, the teacher will punish me and send me back to my parents. Yes, I’ll do my plan!


“Sarah! Sarah! Wake up! It’s time for fajr prayer!” Someone reminded me to wake up for prayer. “I’m so sleepy, don’t disturb me, okay!” I asked her to leave me in this room.
“Please wake up, Sarah! It’s too late!”
“Who are you?” I opened my eyes and stared at her.
“I’m Hasna a chief of this room. It’s my duty to remind you. Please wake up and go to masjid for prayer.”
“You go first, I’ll follow you next, deal?!”
“Okay, I’ll go now, but remember you must go there. If not, the punishment is waiting you.” Hasna left me alone. The other students had gone to masjid, only I who stayed in the room.

Ha..ha, I will not go there. The time is for sleeping. I don’t care about the rules. I am not afraid of the punishment. I wanted the punishment, so they will send me back to Jakarta, to my house. I’ll leave this primitive school.

“Sarah! Why you are still sleeping? Have you taken pray?” The other voice came and disturbed my sleep.
“Go out, don’t disturb me. Ah, I’m so sleepy.”
“Are you sure you will stay and continue your sleep?” the mysterious person asked me again.
She was crazy . How could she ask me while I’m sleeping.

“Wake up, Sarah!” She poured the water in to my face.
“Hey, who are…………….” I couldn’t continue my words when I saw my teacher Ustadzah Zulfa was sitting beside me. She was smiling at me. She looked very beautiful with her hijab. But, Hasna said Ustadzah Zulfa is a discipline teacher.
“Take ablution and then pray fajr. After that, please come to the office.”


In my second day in this new school, I got punishment. Ustadzah Zulfa punished me to clean Masjid and collect the rubbish around the boarding school. I really hated this punishment. It made me tired. I didn’t want the punishment like that, I only wanted they punish me and chase me away from this boarding. My first plan was failed. I will make other plan. I will break all the rules.
I sat alone in park behind Masjid. I enjoyed the beautiful flowers and plants there. I was seeing around, there was pond in middle of office park. Some students were sitting around there. In the right of Masjid were classes and rooms. My room was in the left of the office. It was the second floor. Our bathrooms were separated from the rooms. I saw some of my friends were standing in line in front of the bathrooms. I didn’t like to do that. I decided to take a bath in first rest time.

I liked to sit alone. I only knew Hasna and Fira in my room. I didn’t like to talk with others. I was bored to stay in this place. I was thinking other plan when Hasna and her friend arrived.

Assalamu’alaikum, Sarah! What are you doing here?”
Wa’alaikum salam. I’m sitting, you see!”
“Sorry if we disturb you, hmm you’re called by Ustadzah Zulfa. She is waiting you in her room. Please go there now!” Hasna sent the message from Ustadzah Zulfa.
“For what? Is there punishment again for me? I have finished my punishment. I have cleaned masjid. I have done it.”
“I don’t know about that. She only asked me to send the message. So, it’s better for you to come to her room soon, you’ll know about that from her.” Said Hasna.
“See you, Sarah! Assalamu’alaikum!”


I had broken the rules for a week. But, the teachers didn’t send me back to my parents. They punished me to clean the toilets, masjid, park, rooms, offices, and classes. I was like a cleaner in this boarding school. I was very tired by doing all the punishments. I didn’t know what have to do after that. Should I find other plan? I was tired to think about breaking the rules. The teachers didn’t angry of me, they advised me to obey the rules. They cared me, and always help me to become good person. My roommates and my classmates didn’t hate me. They didn’t isolate me. They helped me to know more about Islam. They offered beautiful friendship to me, but I often reject their friendship. They are great friends!

Day by day, I felt happy to stay and to study in my new school. I learned a lot about friendship, and my religion. The teachers are very kind and so patient to educate me and others. I have some favorite teachers, Ustazdah Zulfa, Ustadzah Irma, and Ustadz Yusuf. Ustadz Yusuf is very handsome. He’s like Leonardo Dicaprio. Ha..ha.
He taught Sorof and Nahwu.  These are hard lessons but I liked these because I liked its teacher. I like his teaching style, his smile, his words, and his manner. I love him. I hope he will love me too. Sarah a beautiful girl, and a cleaner who had gotten many punishments. I’ll phone my parents that I loved to live in here.

A peace place!

The Loser, Day 3 – Limits: 640 Words

This is the second of our recurring “limits” posts. As the month progresses you’ll come across all sorts of limits: time, word count, point of view, structure. If you get stuck, try rewriting an earlier story in a new way, using these ‘limits’ posts.

The Prompt
Write a story in 640 words

I am really upset, now. I have many problems. Allah isn’t fear to me. Why Allah always give me hardship. I am bored! I feel I stay in a narrow room. It is not a room, it’s a cave! I can’t see my light!

“ I HATE MY LIFE!” I kicked a wall of my room.
“HEY! KEEP SILENT! The wall doesn’t have any mistakes! You’re CRAZY, Man!” Zaid, my youngest brother protested my action. I’m mad at him. “It is not YOUR BUSINESS! Keep your words, Okay!”
“It’s my business, you have disturbed many people here! Our Mom and I are disturbed by you! It’s better for you to leave this house. You’re a trouble maker! You’re a bad brother for me! I don’t want to see your face! You’re the LOSER!
Zaid didn’t reply my word. He leaved me quickly. His bad words had made me very angry. I took my jacket and leaved the house. I saw Momma in the door of her room. She is gaping at me.

I’m sorry Mom, I have to go now.


I drove my Tiger fast to mountain. I loved nature. I liked to spend my times at beach, or mountain when I had a problem. I usually get peace there. I enjoyed the amazing pictures in front of me, the beautiful mountain. The wind was blowing breeze, it made me fresh. I ignited my Marlboro. It was very delicious. I am an active smoker. Marlboro is the best cigarette. I inhaled it enjoyably. I loved to play with its smokes. I saw the beautiful face of Asma my girlfriend. I heard her nice voice in my heart.

Zidane, I really love you! I’ll wait you patiently. I want to be your first and your last wife.
Asma, where are you now? I really missed you. I….
Then I saw Ziad my elder brother in that smoke, a great steel-manufacturer in Java. He is very individualist. He didn’t care his brothers and his parents. He only cares his business and himself. Bad man!

I can get my success because of my work. I have worked hard. You must work hard as I did. If not, so you will be a loser.

I AM NOT THE LOSER! I AM THE WINNER!!! I yelled out loudly. I hate that word. Zaid and Ziad called me the loser.
I heard the other voice. Voice of Zaid.

Yes, you’re a loser. Bye-bye loser!

I was broken heart to hear their bad voices. I hate my life! I need someone to talk. I’ll talk to Andre, my classmate in Senior High School. Now, he works as a taxi driver in Jakarta. I must go there.


“Do you know the reasons, why your brothers called you a loser?” Andre asked me when I talked him all my problems.

“I’m jobless, so that they called me a loser. I hate them!”
“Why you don’t find a job?”
“It’s hard Andre. I’m not like you! I want a good job, a good position, Man!” I explained my dream about jobs to him.
“Those are the problems. Please see yourself, your ability, your special skill. Then try to apply jobs! You must try it, Zidane!” Andre advised me to find jobs soon. He looked up me, and said, “If you want I can help you to connect you to my Boss. What do you think about it?”
“Thanks Andre, I’ll think first.” Actually I didn’t feel interest to be a taxi driver. It was low level of jobs.
“I got you, friend! Please remember, you can remove your bad label. Firstly, you must remove your ego. Don’t think about good level job, but complete your skill first! You can, Zidane!” Andre supported me well.
I remembered his advice.
Can I remove that label?
Andre said, “YES, YOU CAN!”