بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يا اخوانى فى الله

I’m a learner, so I learn from everyone, even from someone that younger than me.

This time, I learn from a young man. WHO IS HE?

Here, I’ll write about him. He’s still young, 17 years old, but he has good philosophy in his life. Indeed!

His full name is Ivan Fauzi Ridwan. He’s one of my beautiful cousin. A student of Islamic Senior High School the second grade. His parents  are Mrs. Faridah and Mr.Hudri. He lives with his grandparent for some reasons.

His life:

After finishing his elementary school, in 2008 he continued to Gontor Darussalam Islamic Boarding School in East Java. He studied there only 4 years, because he got collision on August 3rd 2012. It was happened when he and his friend went to the beach for spending their holiday. They drove a motorcycle. Unluckily their motorcycle collided a car- truck. They were taken to the hospital for getting treatment. A few days after that, his friend was dead. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiún. So sad!

My cousin, Ivan was still getting the recovery, his legs were broken. He couldn’t walk normally. It needed 6 months for recovery. I can’t imagine, how hard he faced his life in that time. He couldn’t back to his boarding school on time, so his parent chose to put in for leave his studies there, and moved to other school in Sukabumi, that near from his house. He ever said to me, that was hard time for him, where he had to leave his school, his beautiful friends and his great teachers. Gontor Darussalam Ponorogo is one of the favorite boarding school in Indonesia. The students come from all the regions in Indonesia even from another countries in the world, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, Arabs and so on.

His activities during his recovery:

If someone gets hard time in his life, or in despondency, then he doesn’t have strong faith, he will be a madman, and choose the wrong way, or maybe wants to end his life. There are many facts of  it.

Asosiasi Kaligrapher Darussalam
Asosiasi Kaligrapher Darussalam

Alhamdulillah, my cousin had chosen the right way, anyhow his life was so hard, very..very hard. He used his days for improving his talents at calligraphy art and drawing. Subhanallah, I soon realized, that my cousin has wonderful talents. I didn’t know about his before. Really! When I visited my grandparent, he said to me, “I got my talents in Gontor. I followed Calligraphy art association (Asosiasi Kaligrapher Darussalam). Really, I didn’t know what my talents were. I learned my talents one by one. I took theater course, karate, then the last I found calligraphy art and drawing as my talents.”

“What did you do during your treatment?” I asked him again.

“I drew, and made many calligraphies in that time. I didn’t have other activities, except these. Do you know Sister? I was sad with my life. That was very hard for me. I couldn’t do anything what I want as usual. I couldn’t walk normally. I just stay on my bed. But, I realized I have to do something positive. I read the tutorial of drawing and calligraphy more and practiced it a lot. Here are some of mine!” He showed his works and his pictures to me. MashaÁllah. Those are wonderful pics.

His works:

Ivan's works
Ivan’s works

“Would you like to teach Kaka one days? I’ll pay for it.” then I asked his help .

“Oh, sure! I would love to teach Kaka. Don’t worry! Anytime.” said Ivan pleasantly.

I said my thankful to him. Well, “What’s your philosophy?”

I don’t have nice words, just try to find our talents, if we have many talents, choose one and master it! And doing it happily, fighting!!”

Ivan's works
Ivan’s works

“That’s great, Ivan! I learn it from you. Thank you very much. Good luck for you!”

He often follows some competitions in calligraphy , such as interscholastic competition, and he often wins the competition. MashaÁllah I’m so proud of him. I have a few reasons why I feel proud of him. He’s still young but can choose and improve his talent well. He can get some money from his hobby. He gets orders from other to make calligraphy or pics. The latest news, he will continue his studies to LEMKA Bandung, to master his hobby.

May you get your great dream, Ivan! I support you completely.


  1. Assalamu alakum dear sis,

    MaşaAllah & just i want to say thank you & I love reading what you writing it has touched my heart may Allah reward you for all this good doing keep on doing what you doing and please let me know how do such beautiful duas ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
      You are most welcome my dear sister. That’s such wonderful duas sister. Jazakillah katsiron! I loved your comment n your duas. Ameen,the same be for you! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, I’m seeing them here on your site. I thought he had a blog of his own. I misunderstood, sorry. He’s amazing. Thank you for posting his work here. I hope that he will continue to shine and continue to use his talent for good.

    Liked by 1 person

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