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I’m So Proud of You, My Student! 😍

“Assalamu’alaikum, Ma’am!”, said a beautiful girl to me, when I was hunting a jacket for my son at mall.

“Eh, hmm who’re you?” asked I to her. Really I didn’t know about her.

“I’m Yesi, Ma’am! Your student!”
“Oh, Yesi! Is it you, Dear? Alifa’s friend, right? First graduation of SDIT Ad-Da’wah.”
“Yes, Ma’am!” answered that girl proudly.
“I’m so happy to meet you here, Yesi. How’re you? How’s your younger sister Mia?”

Then she told about her and Mia.

“So nice to hear about yourself and Mia.”
“You work here, Dear? But I didn’t see you when I visited it last week.

“Yes, Ma’am! I’m working here now, just for experience before I go to the college. Next September I’ll start my study at college.”

“Masha’Allah, that’s so nice, Dear!”

Then, I asked how to contact her. She gave me her number. She apologized that she can’t use her phone while working. After asked the permission she back to her position, and I continued my work to hunt a jacket 😃

In the way to my home, I remembered the old experience at school, especially remembering about Yesi, my student.

Nine years ago, she was a student at class 4 in SDIT Ad-Da’wah. She was a kind little girl. Unfortunately in that time, she was one of students who had problem in lessons. She couldn’t understand the lessons well, and she didn’t have many friends, and I was worried about her, because she had a low self confidence. Her parents asked me to motivate her oldest daughter. They told about herself wholly. They cried. They felt that her daughter can’t study at high school. They also said, that they will be very happy if their daughter can pass the elementary school. They didn’t give high target for Yesi. On the contrary with her younger sister Mia, Mia always get first ranking at school. The other teachers and I tried our best to motivate and explore the abilities and the talents of Yesi. Yes, I found as a student she couldn’t get high score in lessons but she was really a good student. She always obeys the rules and follows my advice to learn diligently. Alhamdulillah she could pass her basic study.

And yesterday, I met a self confident girl, a smart girl and she talked to me nicely. Masha’Allah she isn’t a little girl anymore. I found a high self confidence in herself. Allahu Akbar! Yesi, I’m so proud of you. I’m so happy for you! You’re really a smart girl, my student!
May Allah continue to give you ease in your whole life. May Allah give you success in your life, my dear! Ameen!

*We talked via SMS after that, because she uses BBM, and I don’t use it. I asked her Whatsapp, but she doesn’t use it. 😅

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

Let’s Improve Our Children’s Talents!

السلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم  جميعا طول  حياتك، أمين

In this occasion, I will write and discuss about “Talent” especially about “Improving our children’s talents.”  I’m sure our children have an unique talent or maybe multi talents. This is such a great favor from our Lord.  But, the problems are;

  1. How to find the talent of our children?
  2. How to improve the talents of our children?

Here, I’ll share a little of my experience in improving my son’s talent. Actually, I have seen a few talents of my son. He loves drawing, math, language, and repaired his toy cars. I see, he loves drawing a lot than others. He uses much time for drawing every day. He enjoys this activity much. We made an agreement about his learning. I have ever said to him, “If you are ready for reading, just tell me, okay! You can finish your drawing first! I know, you’re enjoying drawing a lot.”  He replied, “Okay Mom! I know that! Don’t worry!”

Suddenly, I remember to the members of my big family. Some of them are good at drawing. My grandma’s brothers, my uncles, my younger brother, and Kaka’s uncle are very good at drawing. Kaka’s father too is good at drawing. I love drawing too, but just a hobby, not good at all. Unluckily, they don’t improve their talents well, only one (Kaka’s uncle whose name Ivan Fauzi Ridwan)   who improves his talent well. He often becomes a winner in many competitions, such as drawing and Islamic calligraphy competition.

That’s a little about my family. Now, I’ll try to response the questions above.

  1. How to find the talent of our children?

I asked my son about his hobby. Then, I pay my attention at his hobby. As I said before, he has many hobbies, but he said that he loves drawing a lot. I see his drawing that he has made. I asked about his pictures. He explained his drawing fervently. He showed them to me, then asked, “What do you think about my drawing, Mom?” Yes, till this time, I agree with him, his talent is drawing, he loves it a lot, he enjoys his activity, and he has ability at it. Alhamdulillah!

Kaka loves drawing so much.
Kaka loves drawing so much.
  1. How to improve the talents of our children?

Base on my experience, I have been doing these things to my son:

  • Support our children personally nicely and warmly.
  • Giving the suitable material/ tools for improving their talents. (I gave a few drawing tools, and he can choose the tutorial drawing book at bookstore).
  • Download some applications for phone and PC, so our children can learn more from many sources. (I have downloaded “Paint Cars”, “How to draw Manga”, and another applications.
  • Giving good attention at their talents, I meant not stop when they are enjoying their activities. If we want to talk with them, use nice speech and never force them to do something according our desire. We can make agreements here. I have done it.
  • Making a lot of prayers for our children. May Allah make their lives easy, and may their talents can give many advantages for themselves and this ummah.

The following are Kaka’s drawing:


"Probe" in Boboiboy movie. :)
“Probe” in Boboiboy movie.
Boboiboy n friends. he..he
Boboiboy n friends. he..he
Dino's family.
Dino’s family.
Kaka use "Paint" in PC. A boy is playing a kite on the roof in the evening, LOL!
Kaka use “Paint” in PC.
A boy is playing a kite on the roof in the evening, LOL!
He drew like this, when he didn't get ideas.
He drew like this, when he didn’t get ideas.

That’s all I can share about improving our children talents. If you have any ideas or experiences, you may share here! I believe in you my dear friends, you have great experience about talent.

Jzakumullah for reading it! 🙂


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يا اخوانى فى الله

I’m a learner, so I learn from everyone, even from someone that younger than me.

This time, I learn from a young man. WHO IS HE?

Here, I’ll write about him. He’s still young, 17 years old, but he has good philosophy in his life. Indeed!

His full name is Ivan Fauzi Ridwan. He’s one of my beautiful cousin. A student of Islamic Senior High School the second grade. His parents  are Mrs. Faridah and Mr.Hudri. He lives with his grandparent for some reasons.

His life:

After finishing his elementary school, in 2008 he continued to Gontor Darussalam Islamic Boarding School in East Java. He studied there only 4 years, because he got collision on August 3rd 2012. It was happened when he and his friend went to the beach for spending their holiday. They drove a motorcycle. Unluckily their motorcycle collided a car- truck. They were taken to the hospital for getting treatment. A few days after that, his friend was dead. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiún. So sad!

My cousin, Ivan was still getting the recovery, his legs were broken. He couldn’t walk normally. It needed 6 months for recovery. I can’t imagine, how hard he faced his life in that time. He couldn’t back to his boarding school on time, so his parent chose to put in for leave his studies there, and moved to other school in Sukabumi, that near from his house. He ever said to me, that was hard time for him, where he had to leave his school, his beautiful friends and his great teachers. Gontor Darussalam Ponorogo is one of the favorite boarding school in Indonesia. The students come from all the regions in Indonesia even from another countries in the world, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, Arabs and so on.

His activities during his recovery:

If someone gets hard time in his life, or in despondency, then he doesn’t have strong faith, he will be a madman, and choose the wrong way, or maybe wants to end his life. There are many facts of  it.

Asosiasi Kaligrapher Darussalam
Asosiasi Kaligrapher Darussalam

Alhamdulillah, my cousin had chosen the right way, anyhow his life was so hard, very..very hard. He used his days for improving his talents at calligraphy art and drawing. Subhanallah, I soon realized, that my cousin has wonderful talents. I didn’t know about his before. Really! When I visited my grandparent, he said to me, “I got my talents in Gontor. I followed Calligraphy art association (Asosiasi Kaligrapher Darussalam). Really, I didn’t know what my talents were. I learned my talents one by one. I took theater course, karate, then the last I found calligraphy art and drawing as my talents.”

“What did you do during your treatment?” I asked him again.

“I drew, and made many calligraphies in that time. I didn’t have other activities, except these. Do you know Sister? I was sad with my life. That was very hard for me. I couldn’t do anything what I want as usual. I couldn’t walk normally. I just stay on my bed. But, I realized I have to do something positive. I read the tutorial of drawing and calligraphy more and practiced it a lot. Here are some of mine!” He showed his works and his pictures to me. MashaÁllah. Those are wonderful pics.

His works:

Ivan's works
Ivan’s works

“Would you like to teach Kaka one days? I’ll pay for it.” then I asked his help .

“Oh, sure! I would love to teach Kaka. Don’t worry! Anytime.” said Ivan pleasantly.

I said my thankful to him. Well, “What’s your philosophy?”

I don’t have nice words, just try to find our talents, if we have many talents, choose one and master it! And doing it happily, fighting!!”

Ivan's works
Ivan’s works

“That’s great, Ivan! I learn it from you. Thank you very much. Good luck for you!”

He often follows some competitions in calligraphy , such as interscholastic competition, and he often wins the competition. MashaÁllah I’m so proud of him. I have a few reasons why I feel proud of him. He’s still young but can choose and improve his talent well. He can get some money from his hobby. He gets orders from other to make calligraphy or pics. The latest news, he will continue his studies to LEMKA Bandung, to master his hobby.

May you get your great dream, Ivan! I support you completely.


5 years ago, October 16th,2008,my son was born.


My first words when my baby was born were.

“Alhamdulillah, welcome to this world My Loving Baby! Your big family and I are so blessed to have you. Alhamdulillah you’re a great reward from Allah.”

I was a working woman and very busy  before that. I was a teacher in Ad-Da’wah Islamic School. I only had six months at home caring for my baby when the headmaster of that school asked me back. I accepted this request. I left my baby about four years, I mean I only had a little time to accompany him.  Really I was uncomfortable with this situation. Four years, my boy spent his golden age with his grandma. Then, when he was 4, he complained of my job. I knew he needed me as his mom. Finally I decided to leave my job. I thought, my son was more important than my job.  I could find always find another job, working online at home.

It has been nearly 2 years since I have stayed home with my boy. I gave almost all my time for him. I was sure it was his right. I had to guide him to know his Creator [Allah The Almighty ] and his deen as well. I thought then I also had to make schedules for us. My days are almost all for him, and my nights I used for exploring my English skills.


My little prince is five. I wish I’d been there for him. I don’t want to leave him anymore. I’ll do the best for him, to guide him, to educate him and to improve his talents. Those are my great responsibilities. I really understand he grows fast….faster…fastest. Before it’s late, I promise, I’ll be a witness of his childhood. It’ll be a great experience for me, hopefully. And I’m enjoying this moment, truly. Playing together, learning at outside ie; at the rice field, at the river, at the masjid, and the other places are really FUN. I can know what he needs, what his talents are, what his interests are and a lot of things.


One year later, insha’Allah he will start his studies at Islamic Elementary School for six years, and after that he’ll enters into a new phase. Yes, he’ll be an adolescent. I completely understand that CHILDHOOD IS SHORT, therefore I’ll do and give my best for my loving son.


“My son, I hope Allah will guide you to his right way [loving Islam] forever, ameen.”

My loving son
Syadad Abdul Hakim Al Anshori (Kaka)