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Hand Lettering 18 – Congratulations


Hello everyone!

This post, I made special for my younger sister Riska.

Last Tuesday (October 11,2016) was the history day for her.

She had just graduated from university, majoring in food technology. Alhamdulillah. 

I hope she’ll get good life after graduation. Amin!


Riska n Mom.




Congrats, De! We're so proud of you! :)
Congrats, De! We’re so proud of you! 🙂



Life is Busy

I wake up before dawn

worshiping my Lord,



playing or doing something with family


sleeping   😀

Do you?!!

I ask myself;

will you give your time for your Lord?

will you give your time for Islam?

will you give your time for your friends?

and will you give your time for blogging as usual?

will you…?

will you…?

will you…?

My life is busy!

How about you?!!


Note: Based on true experience. Some days ago, I met a mother (an old woman) and she stays at home. She has two sons, and they work in other city. That woman said to me, I’m bored because there’s nothing to do. I want to find job, but my sons has forbidden me to work.

I compared my life with hers, “my life is so busy!”

I really hope, in the future I still can do something good for my life and others. Perhaps, I’ll write everyday.   😀


The Friendship of Two Boys

Kaka n his close friend, Yoga
Kaka n his close friend, Yoga

First time, when Kaka, my son started his studies at Ad-Da’wah Islamic School, I was worried about him, about his ability to connect with other students, with his new teacher and new things at his class.
He had never followed kindergarten and playgroup. He only learnt at home. And he spent his time, mostly for drawing. 😉 He didn’t learn about writing, reading, math as much as drawing.

He asked me in that time about rank, “What about rank, Mom? I can’t read, and write well for this time?”

I smiled at him, “Don’t think about rank ! The main point, you can enjoy the learning activities and you can improve your hobbies here. I believe in you, you’ll be happy at your class!”  (He was 10th in the first semester, and he can read, write much better now)
“Okay, I’m happy now! Thank you, Mommy!”

Alhamdulillah, my son can enjoy his learning and he has many good friends.

He told me about his best friend, “Mom, I have good friends and Yoga is my best friend!”

Yes, he often tells about Yoga. Not only that, he drew himself and Yoga at his drawing book.

His teacher has ever told me about these two boys, “Kaka and his friend, Yoga are good boys. They can respect each other. They help each other, they play together, but they have never disturbed the other students. There is Kaka, there’s Yoga.”

I was really happy to hear the story about friendship of those boys.

“May Allah bless your friendship, sons!”

The other story from Yoga’s grandmother.
“Yoga doesn’t like to sit with other students, because they always disturb him. I’m glad that Yoga has a friend like Kaka. They’re nice boys!”

“O, my Lord! Alhamdulillah, for every blessing You’ve given to these boys! Guide them to Your ways! Guide them to be righteous children!”

I saw with my eyes, at their class, Yoga had ever given some foods to my son, my son accepted and said thank to Yoga. Not long after that, in the first rest time, Kaka bought some foods and gave them to Yoga.

But, if Yoga or Kaka refused the offering of one of them, so the other would do the same.

As a mother, I feel so proud of their attitudes. They have learnt about friendship in the earlier period of their learning. It’d be great if they can keep their friendship till adulthood.  🙂

I hate Television!

Some days ago, my son complained to me, “Mommy, I hate to watch TV. It isn’t useful for me!”
I smiled at him. I agreed with his mind.

Actually we had never used this magic box for 9 months. We had agreed to avoid it in our days. But, last Wednesday, the rest of my family wanted to use it again. My son didn’t respect when he heard that.
“I really hate TV!”
“What about your favorite movies? Last time you had some.” I seduced him to love Television.
“No, no… I don’t like them anymore. They’re boring!”
“Oh, okay! I got ya, dear! That’s good if you have good control of yourself. I’m so proud of you!” I embraced him from behind.

“TV has stolen my times. I couldn’t use my time for playing. Hmm, I have idea! I’ll type prohibition against watching TV then I’ll paste it on the wall of my room. Mom, I ask your help to edit it!”

“Great idea, do it now!”

Here is his mind! I didn’t put my words there.

The translation in English. "It's forbidden to watch TV, because it has taken my times (time of playing and work). Kaka's thought."
It’s forbidden to watch TV, because it has taken my times (time of playing and work).
Kaka’s thought.

To appreciate his thought, I won’t watch TV in front of him. 😀   If not, he will protest me and he will not obey me. Good example is the best teaching for the children.
Thus, I don’t need to advise him to avoid TV.
Another thing, he has known the negative effects of “smoking.” For it, he has painted prohibition against smoking on the wall. He..he.

No smoking, he..he
No smoking, he..he

Alhamdulillah, May Allah always bless and guide you, my love! Ameen.

Lessons from Japan

“Japanese people are well known as people who have applied high discipline in all parts of their lives.” I shared my thought to my younger sister Riska.

“That’s very true!” said Riska.
“I saw the facts about that with my eyes, and I have to say they’re really amazing people.”

“Do you want to know about their positive habits?”

“Okay, please tell me, maybe I can take some advantages from your story.” I was interested to hear her story.

“Anyhow I lived there only a week, but I had captured and took many positive lessons from Japanese. Here are some of their positive characters:

• They’re workaholics.
• They care about cleanliness. We met a Japanese woman who took the rubbish (only a paper) on sidewalk.
• Some of them don’t know about topics of movies even the Japans movies. They don’t have time for watching movies.
• The main point they always obey the rules.
I give 4 thumbs for them!” 😄

Subhanallah, that’s GREAT!

“We didn’t hear thorns during we lived there.” My younger sister smiled at me, “it’d be nice if Indonesian people can imitate these positive habits.”

“True, but it isn’t easy to do. Maybe we can start from little community like our families or school. Yes, I have idea to share these good lessons to my students.”

“Good thinking!” replied Riska my younger sister.

“Thanks for the lessons, we start from ourselves, we start from small community and we start right now!”

The conversation above was happened a few days after my younger sister arrived from Japan. She was chosen to be a member of Sakura exchange program. Alhamdulillah. She also has a dream to take her master program in Japan, insha’Allah.

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

Back to School

Assalamu’alaikum my lovely friends!
Firstly I wanted to say, “Thank you very much for your helps. Your opinions, your suggestions, your supports and your prayers really helped me to find the ideas, so I can continue my writing.”

As I’ve said in my latest post, I just back to school for teaching as I had ever done since 2006-2012.
Here is my story!

On last June, I accompanied my son to register to Ad-Da’wah Elementary School, where I had ever taught at.
I met the headmaster of that school, friends, teachers and a few students. Alhamdulillah they welcomed me so warm and asked me to teach again.
I didn’t respond their request because I didn’t think yet about teaching. As I met the headmaster, he asked the same. I said to him that I’ll think about his offering. I still remember what he said in one meeting last July, “There is always chance for the people who have same mission and vision with us to join together with us here. Ahlan wa sahlan Mrs. Eva! We’re happy to see you here. We knew about yourself because you had ever taught my youngest daughter. And your student (his youngest daughter) has registered to Medical school. Alhamdulillah she was accepted.”

Alhamdulillah, finally I back to school. It was the great mercy from Allah, because it wasn’t easy for me to choose decision to teach. There were the amazing things I found there.

Some of my students now have elder brothers and sisters whom I had ever taught them 3 years ago. I felt that I see them in my students now. The other amazing thing, my son has known about my job today, and he won’t complain about it. His father always supports me too. Alhamdulillah for everything! 😊

Insha’Allah I’ll see my light soon and I’ll be patient for that! 😊

….”My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of ] Your righteous servants.”

📖 My other dream, “A PROFESSIONAL WRITER” 💻

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

Experience Is The Most Expensive Teacher

“Experience is the best teacher,” is already well-known. So, I make a new quote, “Experience is the most expensive teacher.” 😊
Here are the lessons, the expensive lessons which I got from my bitter experiences:
1. To learn about carefulness, I needed IDR2.500.000 to pay.
I lost 4 phones, a ring, PC keyboard and screen of my newest phone.

2. To learn about trust and character of people, my family and I spent IDR21.000.000.
We chose the wrong person to manage our money in building our new house. We trusted him completely, but he broke our trust. Finally we changed him and all employees.
It was really great lesson for us. Not to trust people easily anyhow they’re our relatives.

After getting the bitter experiences, I take the following actions:
👆I won’t put my phone and other accessories in my pocket again.
✌ I won’t put my phone in public places even though for a minute.
(In 2003, I lost my phone in library. I put on prayer mat, as I prayed then I forgot to take it. I left the library, when I back again, I didn’t find my phone there. ) 😃
👌Children aren’t allowed to use my phone except under my control, but I let them to use my PC.
👊 Apply high security to protect the house from the thieves. (I use triple keys for all the doors) 😎
👋 I won’t trust people to manage my money anymore. It’s hard to learn the character of them. They might have sweet words and offer the nice hope to me, but I’ll remember my lessons. 🎓

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

In the First Night of Ramadan

The grave of my Dad.
The grave of my Dad.

In the first night

of Ramadan

I saw my Dad

in my dream

It was looked so real!

He was sleeping

on the mattress

wearing his red blanket

I sat beside him

I looked at his face

I found peace on his face

I thought………..

thought…and thought

Then I soon realized

Our worlds are different

He has returned

to his Lord

When He was alive

He had ever said

About the death

“If I die, don’t cry about my death!

Because every soul

Will taste death

It’s only about time

I and you

and all of us

Will meet our death

Who will be the first?

Only Allah The Knowing!

Don’t be sad!

Allah with us

And remember

Never put anything

On my grave


our Prophet didn’t do that.”

He was right

And I didn’t cry

As he died

But I cried when I prayed

For him

Alone in my room

اللهم اغفرله وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه


In the first night

Of Ramadan

I saw my dad

In my dream

I was happy

With his presence! ❤


We Had a Beautiful Childhood! :)

I don’t understand

Why so many adults

asked the children

to become adults.

I’m worried

they’ll be precocious

While in the same time

I often see the adults

are  childish.

Who are wrong, here?

Child is a child

Adult is an adult

Their lives are different

There will be a time

For children

To grow -up


Let them to enjoy

Their childhood nicely

I trust them completely

They’ll say,

in the future

“We had a beautiful childhood!”