Why Islam Doesn’t Need a Reformation [Abdullah al Andalusi’s Lecture at UCL]

Agreed! Islam is perfect, it doesn’t need the reformation.

The Muslim Debate Initiative

Abdullah al Andalusi was invited to speak at the UCL, University of London, to present and discuss the topic “Does Islam Need a Reformation?”. He made rational, historical, sociological, anthropological and political arguments against the most common excuses demanding a Secular Reformation of Islam, touted by Western governments, Atheists like Sam Harris and Ayan Hersi Ali, and other Secular Liberal missionaries (called ‘Reformists’ or modernists).

The event also discussed the ideology that Modernists want Islam to bend the knee to: Secular Liberalism. Liberalism was discussed in creed, development and practical implementation, and found substantially lacking consistency, accuracy (about Humans) and devoid of connection to Western superior technological and economic development (China was used as a counter-example).

The event then opened to the audience for questions, and  an interesting and amicable back and forth with the audience ensued, including members of the Atheist, Humanist and Secularist student society who attended.

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