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I 💟Simplicity


I’m a simple, simple woman

my blog,

my thoughts,

my words

my lifestyle

are so simple.   🙂

I’m a simple, simple woman

and I ❤  simplicity.


amelia barr



Hey, friends! It’s a very simple post, you can skip it!




I'm a teacher in Islamic Elementary School. Hand lettering is my new hobby, but I like it so much. Here, I wanna master it n all the genre of my writing.

9 thoughts on “I 💟Simplicity

  1. Simple & sweet post . I think you are a teacher . I am suggesting my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . Book is available from Notion Press online store @ Rs 200 or if you stay abroad it’s on for 9.99 $ . Gift my Book to your son on his birthday . Please suggest my Book to your Principal .

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  2. Nooo, I believe every person has their uniqueness. Although you think your life is very modest, but your reader may think that it is beautiful and awesome. You are not an ordinary person, you are awesome, don’t even think that you are just an ordinary person. We was born to be awesome, afterall. :))

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