O, Our New President!

Album of Iwan Fals (Manusia Setengah Dewa) Photo credit: www.gurtaselektrik.com
Album of Iwan Fals (Manusia Setengah Dewa)
Photo credit: http://www.gurtaselektrik.com

O,  our new president!

you should hear this voice!

a voice that came out of the cave

a cave that full of moss  boredom.


Although life is a game

although life is entertainment

but , we do not want to be mocked

we are not entertainment nor a game.


Lower  price of principle commodity as soon as possible!

Give us jobs!

I definitely make you

as a  demigod.


Do not mind our morals and our manners!

let us mind ourselves!

manage  your  morality!

manage  your  manner!

a  healthy  regulation that we want.


Enforce the law as straight – upright

Fair and firm indiscriminate

I definitely make you

As a  demigod.


O,  our new president!

You should hear this voice!


Translated from a song : Manusia Setengah Dewa

Created by : Iwan Fals

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