The Signs Of a Hypocrite

“Lie is a root of all sins.”  A friend told me about “Lie.”

If we speak lie, we’ll speak lie at twice to hide our lie. Truthfully, speaking a lie is not easy for the beginner, (LOL). I meant, if someone has never spoken lie, he’ll feels uncomfortable to do the lie. Trust me! (he..he). On the contrary, a lier will enjoys doing it, because it has become his habits. Naudzubillah.

Sometimes, I forget to send salam from my friends to my family. When I remembered, I sent it to my family soon. I know, sending salam from others to my family or to my other friends is a trustworthiness, I have to keep it well. It’s a little thing, but when I betray it, it means I have done one of signs of a hypocrite, right?

I’m sure, you all have known about three signs of a hypocrite. Here are its signs:

عن  ابي  هريرة  رضي  الله  عن  النبي  صلى  الله   عليه  وسلم

ايات  المنافق  ثلاث : إذا  حدث  كذب، وإذا  وعد  أخلف،  وإذا  ائتمن  خان

{متفق  عليه}

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported; Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “There are the signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks, he lies; when he makes a promise, he breaks it; and when he is trusted, he betrays his trust.” [Muttafaq ‘Alaih]

May Allah make us as good Muslims who has noble manner, a manner as Rasulullah’s character, hopefully, ameen!

Please share your minds with me! Thank you!

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