Unbeneficial Faith

السلام عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم

Pharaoh Photo credit: http://www.soundonsight.org/glasgow-film-festival-2012-the-restored-loves-of-pharaoh-is-a-must-see-for-ernst-lubitsch-fans/
Photo credit: http://www.soundonsight.org/glasgow-film-festival-2012-the-restored-loves-of-pharaoh-is-a-must-see-for-ernst-lubitsch-fans/

Faith is a worth gift from Allah. We cannot buy it in markets or any places (I meant, faith is not a commodity), nor from the righteous parents. I have ever read and watched from any medias, a few Muslims sold their faiths and changed by dunya. Prophet Noah Alaihi Salam couldn’t give faith and hidayah to his son and his wife. Our prophet Muhammad SAW couldn’t  give faith to his lovely uncle Abu Thalib. Prophet Luth couldn’t give guidance to his wife. Hidayah and faith are Allah’s authority only.

When we get faith, we should keep it, and pour it with good actions, so our faiths will increased, more and more.

Is there unbeneficial faith?

Yes, there is. Pharaoh’s faith is one of it. Allah has told about Pharaoh and his arrogance in Holy books in many surah and verses. Pharaoh was a man who admitted himself as Lord. He didn’t receive Prophet Moses as Messenger of Allah. He refused Prophet Moses’s precept.

When he met his death, he took shahadah and said, “I’m one of the Muslims.” But, Allah refused Pharaoh’s faith. What unlucky Pharaoh was!

Let’s see the following verses!

An-Nazi’at :23-24

And he gathered [his people] and called out. (23) And said, “I am your most exalted Lord.”

Yunus: 90-92

And We took The Children of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh and his soldiers pursued them in tyranny and enmity until, when drowning overtook him, he said, “I believe that there is no deity except that in when the Children of Israel believe and I am of the Muslims.” (90)

Now? And you had disobeyed [Him] before and were of the corrupters? (91)

So today We will save you in body that you may be to those who succeed you a sign. And indeed, many among the people of Our signs, are heedless. (92)

Naudzubillah summa naudzubillah! May Allah strengthen our faith and may Allah brighten our hearts, so we can get Allah’s light. Ameen!

25 thoughts on “Unbeneficial Faith”

    1. Jazakillah khoir Sister for your beatiful words. Ameen…ameen!
      I think there are some grammars error here, 😀 I’m trying to edit again, he..he.
      Insha’Allah Sis, I want to be a good blogger, a good writer like you and others. 🙂

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  1. Very well written.
    The German use to say:
    Stell dein Licht nicht unter den Scheffel (in english:Don´t hide your light under a bushel.)
    You are a great blogger and it is always a pleasure to read your posts.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. You are so sweet, Sister!😍 I love your Germany words!
      Jazakillah katsiron for your lovely words, your visiting, reading n commenting. 💞
      And it’s pleasure to follow n read your posts!,
      I’m still in learning, Sister! You are greater than me!

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  2. Asalam Alaykum sister. This article is sooo wonderful mash Allah!
    It makes us realize that indeed faith is a gift. I remember few years ago I did not take interest in Islam and one day Alhamdulillah, Allah opened my eyes.

    You have given examples of Prophets who had some relatives who did not get hidayah and faith, I forgot that. To me it is an important reminder because it shows that even when parents are pious or righteous, maybe their children won’t be the same. So it pushes me to make more duas for my son because in sh Allah I want him to be a good muslim.

    May Allah reward you my dear sister. Amin.

    I love your blog ♥

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    1. Wa’alaikum salam, my sister in Islam! Subhanallah, alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar! I’m so glad to hear about your faith and converted to Islam. Allah loves you, Sister. That is not my thought, guidance is really from Allah, Allah has said in Qur’an. I’ll pray for your son. Nice to meet you here. Alhamdulillah, Allah made us become sisters. Ameen Allahumma ameen to your beautiful dua, I’ll pray for you the same and more. Jazakillah khoir for following, visiting, reading and comenting on my simple post. May Allah bless us all! Ameen. I love you for the sake of Allah. 🙂

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      1. Alhamdulillah for your kind words sister. Just to correct one thing, I was born a muslim but because of my lack of knowledge in Islam, I didnt practice it but now Alhamdulillah I know it is a duty upon a muslim to seek knowledge.

        Very happy to have met you sister.

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          1. I am from Mayotte Island. It is a place where people are from African origin, but islam is th main religion because the Arabs once landed on the island and left some heritage such as the arabic names, the writing. Some people write in arabic, I don’t know to do that.

            However now Mayotte Island is administered by France and many young people prefe following western life forgetting islam.

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            1. Oh I see. I’m sure your island is beautiful. I’ll try to search it. That is sad story, Sis, that young people follow the western culture. Hope they will be proud of Islam n practice it well. Ameen. I’m so blessed to be your sister in Islam. 💗


    1. Jazakillah khoir, Sister!
      I think , spreading Islam to all over the world is our duty!
      we should give right report about Islam. Ameen summa ameen, waiyyaki, Sister! Jazakillah khoirul jazaa to your dua. I’m sorry for my lack response, I was taking break these days.

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