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Finally I Got My Style!

Two years ago, I started blog.  Since that time, I’ve written many posts with various style. I always find and find my writing style.

I learnt from some bloggers about writing, English and other things. Alhamdulillah, as long as I live here (do blogging) I’ve gotten a lot of knowledge, supports and experiences.

A million thanks to everyone who has helped me and made me grow. Luv U a lot!

While doing writing activity, I tried another hobbies, also in writing, hand writing this art is called. First, I fell in love with graffiti. I downloaded some applications and learnt by myself with reading the tutorials and practiced them. The weakness of me is, I always fell in love with the beautiful fonts. I admire the people who can make beautiful fonts. Then, I fall in love with hand lettering art design.

A friend of mine said (Sis SB, thank you for your great suggestion. Oh yes, sorry I put your opinion here, if you do mind please message me and I’ll cut it off).

“You can do anything you want when it comes to art, as long as you put your heart into it. I think you can even write your thoughts by hand and post the photo. That is going to look really cute.”

Alhamdulillah, finally I get my writing style (hand lettering art design).

I’ll add my images to every post to describe my writing.

Perhaps I’ll make quotes and post into my blog. But, it doesn’t mean I’ll leave other writing style. Sometimes, I’ll post about stories, simple poems or only short posts. That’s according my desires. I’ll write what I wanna write.   🙂

I Don’t Think About….

For this time,
I don’t think how many bloggers follow my blog,

I don’t think how many bloggers like my posts,

I don’t think how many bloggers and readers read my posts,

I don’t count how many visitors visited my blog,

I don’t think all of those,

This time, blogging for me is for Fun!

Blogging is for practicing my English,

Blogging is for finding new friends,

Blogging is for keeping my writing,

Blogging is for expressing my feeling freely,

Blogging is for…….

Hehe,, sorry I mentioned too many of Blogging purposes 😅

Yeah, cos I knew I can’t visit, read other blogs as well.


الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

Where Are You, Ideas?!😊

Where Are You, Ideas?!
When I have times,
I’m so hard to find you.
When I didn’t have time,
You came to me nicely.

I ask you now,
Where are you, Dear?
Where can I find you?

Come to me!
Let play with me,
to make beautiful words,
to share everything to the world!

I’ll catch you,
If I see YOU! 😉

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

It’s Very Easy to …

It’s hard to find time for updating my post,
It’s hard to express my feelings through writing,
It’s hard to visit and read other blogs,
It’s hard to reply the comments in my blog,
It’s hard to make chat with my friends,


It’s very easy to say, “I love you and I’ve missed you a lot!”
It’s very easy to keep you in my prayers,
It’s very easy to say, “Barakallahu fiikum!”
“May Allah bless you, dear friends!”


السلام  عليكم  ورحمة الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم


blog tour


Last Monday, I was nominated by Randombytes to take part in Blog Tour and I was suggested to post it on March 30, 2015. Thank you very much for nominating me, Sister!
Okay, I’ll share my creative writing process!



1. Pass the Tour Award up to four other bloggers!
2. Give the rules!
3. Answer four (4) questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do your task.
4. Compose a one-time post on a specific Monday (date given from your nominator).


Here are my answers for the four questions!

1. What I’m working on at the moment?

I’m in processing to become a writer. I love writing a lot, not only write articles but also improving my handwriting. I have been offering my handwriting to public. Some of my friends always ask me to write for certificates and diploma for their schools. Alhamdulilah.  I’m working at home, online and offline. The important I do good things for my life.


2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I’m sure everyone has unique style at his/her writing. I do write everything what come to my mind in any topics. One thing that I really notice, I’m trying to enjoy my writing activity, that’s why I choose simple topics. If I have to post something hard, I tried to make it simple and enjoyable to read. I love “expression” category a lot!


3. Why do I write and create what do I do?

I write because I love writing. Before decided to do blogging, I had written some short stories in Indonesian language and offered to online media, but I failed, and I was getting many ideas while finishing my short story, it made me confused to choose what should I write first.That’s why I took decision to improve my English writing and trying the new experience in English writing. So, my main purpose to write is improving my English. Then improving my writing skill, and sharing my Islamic knowledge to other. First, it should give benefit to me before other. I hope I can share something beneficial here.


4. How does my writing and creative process work?

To be honest, I won’t find difficult ideas for my writing. I usually get the ideas according to my life, family especially children, people experiences and nature. Really, by seeing the nature I always get the new ideas. Sometimes I don’t put my ideas directly to my blog, but I only notice big point from them then arrange become posts. This time, I often get ideas from my drawing.


Now, the time for choosing the nominees, here they are! (I’m sorry I’ll follow the rule to nominate 4 bloggers, actually I want to choose you all to follow this tour!)

Here are my wonderful nominees!

1. The Human Lens
2. Kneal1 Poetry
3. heartwordsforpoetry
4. Nalaik Panda

Alright, my friends! I hope you can take part in this Blog Tour.
Oh yes, I give you the date for posting it the next Monday, insha’Allah on April 6th, 2015. Please do remember the time! 😀
I’d love to read your creative writing process!

The Ideas Come To Me

First time,
It was so hard to find the idea
anyhow just a simple idea.
step by step
I write…. write…..then…… write.
the ideas come to me.
الحمد لله

الحق من الله، والأخطاء مني

Love Everything

I love reading
I read everything.
I love writing
I write everything.
I love drawing
I draw everything.
Yes, I love everything!
Can I love just one thing??

الحق من الله، والأخطاء مني