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images (32)The Indonesian muslims (The real muslims) want to apply Qurán and Hadith as the sources of Indonesian’s law, BUT THE OTHER (read:The Islamophobia) will never agree.

The Indonesian muslims want to apply Islamic laws in all parts  of life, such as politic, economy,education,culture,and so on, BUT THE OTHER will never approve.

The Indonesian muslims LOVE Indonesia as their land.

The Indonesian muslims missed Indonesia as Islam country that can apply Islam in all sections of life. They missed Daulah Khilafah Islamiyah. But, the people who fear Islam say, Indonesia is not Islamic State.

I agree with ustadz Felix Y Siauw’s status:

I try to translate his quote,

“His religion is Islam, but he isn’t proud to be Muslim. He is proud of religions of other, is there muslim like this? Yes, there is. 🙂

He admites hisself as muslim, but he agrees paganism, and the bad deeds, he doesn’t like to muslims who call other to Allah (da’wah), is there muslim like this? Yes there is. 🙂

He wants to enter a paradise, but he feels lazy to do pray to Allah. He says, that he doesn’t like violences, but he sharp-tongued. Is there muslim like this? Yes, there is. 🙂

He has Islamic name, but anti-Islam, he likes atheist more than Islam, anyhow he doesn’t know what atheist is. Is there muslim like this? Yes,there is. 🙂

He likes to do dialogue inter-religions to get honour from other. He loves to be call as pluralis and a tolerance muslim, yet he doesn’t tolerant  to his muslim brothers. Is there muslim like this ? Yes, there is. 🙂

His hobby is listening Islamic nasheed, but he feels happy seeing his muslim brothers in hot water. Is there muslim like this? Yes, there is. 🙂

He takes Syiah, unbelievers, atheists, as friends, but he’s grumpiest to his muslim brothers. Is there muslim like this? Yes, there is. 🙂

If he can tolerant to unbelievers, so does to his muslim brothers. He should be more tolerant to them, right?

But,…..ah forget it, perhaps they’re tired. “

Ustadz Felix Y Siauw's status
Ustadz Felix Y Siauw’s status



It’s only a reminder for myself. Oh, I’m so lazy now to continue my writing activity, that’s so bad. My lovely friend Papatia Feauxzar, the author of Between Sister,  SVP! said, “you may have writer’s block and it’s completely natural.” You’re right Sister. I’m struggling with it.

I need great motivation, I need spirit…..high spirit!! Finally, I found my spirit from a wonderful book, it’s written by Ustadz Felix Y Siauw. He wrote about “How to master your habits”.

A wonderful book "How to Master Your Habits"
A wonderful book “How to Master Your Habits”

He is a muslim convert, but his knowledge about Islam is very….very wonderful. الله has given him great iman, great brain, great manner, great family,  سبحان الله  . I, who was born as muslimah also learn many things from him, especially about “Life Spirit”. Indeed, I need it so much.

He wrote in his great book, that a habits is likes a spiral.

Spiral of Habits
Spiral of Habits

I have a dream. I want to be a professional English writer. I want to share a little of my knowledge about Islam to another all over the world. I wish. إن شاء الله.

I soon realized, I have to LEARN English more…and more. Learn it from books, videos, websites, online English teachers and native speakers. For me, never old to learn. That I know myself I’m an old lady, he…he. Then, COMMIT to my schedules, and then PRACTICE  them (all part of English skill) a lot. Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. Next, I also need REPETITION . Yes, I must repeat these activities, again…again…and again. (always three times). I hope I will get my HABITS. إن شاء الله

Now, let’s see a beautiful words from Imam Syafi’i. He said;

أَخِي لَنْ تَنَا لُ الْعِلْمَ الاّ بِسِتَّةٍ سَأُ نَبِّيْكَ عَنْ تَفْصِيْلِهَا بِبَيَا نٍ : ذَكَا ءٌ وَحِرْصٌ وَاجْتِهَادٌ وَدِرْهَمٌ وَصُحْبَةُ أُسْتَا ذٍ وَطُوْلُ زَمَا نٍ

O my brother! You will never get a science, unless you do these 6 requisites that I’ll explain them to you; you need a good brain, high spirit in learning, read up, invest your gold (fund) , and you need a teacher who can help you in your study, and then you’ll get your science for a long time.

الحمد لله  I’m so excited now. Yups, I have hopes. I hope I can do this pattern. إن شا ء الله

Would you like to give me spirit, my brothers and sisters?!  I’d love it.