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Simple tip to change blog address

I thought I couldn’t change my blog address, because I have read that we can change the blog title and tagline only. I was wrong about it. We can do it if we don’t choose to upgrade our domain. If I have a lot of (budgets) for blogging, I’ll upgrade mine. Insha’Allah!
I got its ways from blogging 101. Why I share about it? One of my friends has ever asked me about it. I said that I don’t know how to change it. Then she gave me her username and password. I thought hard and searched the way. Suddenly, I remembered something from Blogging 101 day 2, Take control of your title and tagline. I read some awesome tips there, and it was about changing the address blog.
I needed a half hour to search the info and change it. And these are its steps:

Log in to your dashboard, and choose “My Blogs.”

my blog menu

In “my blogs” menu, please click “Change blog address.”

menu blog address
Make sure your new address is a good one and easy to memorize by others.

change blog address
The next step, you can select or not the options.
See the preview before you save it.

changeing the blog address

Then please confirm!


It’s easy, right? I’m really sure most of you have known about its setting.
But, I hope it’ll give advantage for bloggers whom don’t know yet about it, like me in the first time. Thus I learned it. From the question, I found the answer.
Is there question? Please ask to Blogging 101 tutors. 🙂

It’s about blogging, so I’ll put it in “Blogging 101”   category. Day 5 is about trying the themes, and it doesn’t need to make a post for it. I often try the theme, and I still love mine.