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Day Ten: My Favorite Childhood Meal!

Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

Free free to focus on any aspect of the meal, from the food you ate to the people who were there to the event it marked.

Today’s twist: Tell the story in your own distinct voice.

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.

– Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

The biggest thing that separates you from every other blogger in the world is your voice. Finding (and being confident in) our voices is one of the biggest challenges in writing, and it’s easy to lose our voices when we’re worried about being liked by everyone, or when we compare ourselves to others.

Write today’s post as if you’re relaying the story to your best friend over a cup of coffee (or glass of wine — your call). Don’t worry if it feels like you ramble a bit, or a four-letter-word sneaks in, or it feels different from what you usually publish. Maybe you normally speak more formally — that’s fine, too. Take a deep breath, tell the story in your own words, and send it out the virtual door.

I really love this prompt!  ❤

My friends, if you ask me about my favorite childhood meal, so here it is!


I loved to eat tumpeng! Do you know tumpeng? Tumpeng is a name of food, it is made from rice. Its process has some steps to make delicious tumpeng.

Why I choose tumpeng as my favorite childhood meal, because my parents often cook it to celebrate the important moments in our lives. When I was child, I still remember, to celebrate and to encourage me in reading Qur’an, my parents cooked tumpeng and share it to our neighbors.

Oh yes, when I studied at Elementary school in the fourth grade, our teacher held competition to cook tumpeng. Of course we didn’t cook it by ourselves, my parents helped us to make it, and………..finally we won the competition.  LOL!!  We got many books as its prize. Yes! Tumpeng yes!!   LOL

I had many interesting moments about tumpeng.

When we finished reading Iqra’ and Qur’an, we made tumpeng,

When we completed the house, we made tumpeng,

Tumpeng, tumpeng………….and tumpeng!

Now, I know why they did it to me and to my siblings. They wanted to appreciate our efforts in learning Qur’an. I was happy with that. Yeah, who doesn’t want to eat special food in our special moments?

But, now I rare to eat it, I don’t know the reason, perhaps we aren’t children again, he….he.

I missed to eat Tumpeng!

Let’s eat tumpeng together! Hem….yum..yum…yummy!

Do you want to try to eat it?