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Reflection of a Servant

I live in a country where Islam is the biggest number. I was born as Muslim, and I’m so free to worship my Lord. My families and my community are Muslims. These are great mercies from Allah.
But, I often deny those favors.

I needed many years to decide wearing hijab. I chose to finish my job when the prayer call was reverberated. I put Qur’an on my back and chose others to read. Indeed, Allah has made my tongue easier to read His holy book, but I forget it to use as my light. Astaghfirullah…

In other time, as the hardship came to me, I came close… closer… closest to my Lord, complained my life. As the happiness came to me, I ran far… from my Lord, and claimed that was from myself.
It was shameful!!

In this holy month, I realized how many sins I’ve done. Yes, I’m the sinner… the wrongdoer. But I wasn’t shy to ask His paradise. How many years I walked in the wrong way to find the meaning of life. Today, I got it. I was asked to worship Him because I need Him. I was asked to do good deeds along my life, that’s only for me, not for Him. I need His love, I need His guidance.

O, Allah accept me as one of your righteous servants. I won’t ask your paradise again, I will ask Your love. Only Your love. It’s enough for me!

Teach me how to love You!

Teach me how to love Your messenger, Muhammad!

And guide me how to spread my love to the world!

I need You, I need Your love, O my Lord!

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

The Best Kind of Love



Loving Allah

Allah who created “Love.”

Loving Rasulullah

Rasulullah, The Messenger of Allah.

These loves are the best kind of “Love.”

Let’s love Allah!

Allah who has put “love” in our hearts.

Let’s   love Rasulullah!

Rasulullah   had loved his Ummah

“Ummati!  Ummati! Ummati!”

Loving Allah

Loving Rasulullah

Are the best kind of Love!