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Assalamu’alaikum, Dearest  reader!

Here, I want to share the ways  to teach our children how to read and memorize Quran. I got these ways from some references and experiences that I’ve  read and heard directly.

As we know, Quran is our life guidance, that Allah has given to our Prophet Muhammad  (PBUH). And Allah will protects it forever. Nobody can changes quran or breaks it.Allah says in Surah Al-an’am verse:115

al an'am 115


Sahih International

And the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can alter His words, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing.


We can see the other surah, Surah Al hijr verse: 9

al hijr verse 9

Sahih International

Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.


Subhanallah, may Allah put love in our hearts to read, to memorize and hold quran as our imam in this life. Our Prophet says;

“The best of the best of you is, who learn quran and teach it to another”.( al-hadits )

The questions are:

  1. When should we teach it to our children?
  2. What are the methods?


As I said before, there are many references about reading and memorizing quran. Here, I will share  it’s ways. I read from UMMI’s magazine page 44 edition: 4/XIII/2001, “ The first step to read and memorize quran, the parents have to know about Qur’an virtues. So,they can give the motivation and spirit to their children rightly and easily.

“Whoever reads the Quran, then the Quran will intercede for him in the Day of Judgment.”


We should teach quran to our children in the early age.

Ideally, the parents, especially  the mother has to begin this teaching, before her children are born. From the time the fetus is  3 months, the mother should reads quran whenever she can. Believe it, the fetus can hear it. As far as I know, classical music can increase children perspicacity, so does the quran and it is the best thing to listen to .  Parents  should do this listening a lot for their fetus, so their kids get into the habit of listening to quran. In shaa Allah.

The methods of memorizing quran

The following are steps to memorize quran, especially for kids:

  1. Muqoddimah ( The introduction )

In this step, a parent or teacher has to   motivate or be excited for the children to learn. Maybe, they can ask these questions below :

Who wants to be loved by Allah?

Who wants to get a palace in paradise?

But, pay attention please, never force them, see their conditions, and do this teaching happily, fun and make them enjoy with it. Read to them, verse by verse clearly and slowly.

Surah Al muzammil verse : 4.

al muzammil verse 4

Sahih International

Or add to it, and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.

  1. Tasmi’  ( Listening to Quran )

As I said early, this step can begin before the children are born. When the baby is born, mother can continue her teaching and reading quran for her child. Never give a baby a bad thing to listen to.

2. Talaqqi  (Theparent reads quran, then the child follows his parent in reading quran ).

Look lively while your child is, correct them when you find the mistakes. Do it correctly and repeatedly.

  1. Tahfidz  ( Memorizing )

Before memorizing quran, please ask the child to repeat his or her reading till he or she has the correct tajwid and tahsin, over and over. One day, one verse. The best time for this process ( Tahfidz) is in the morning after praying subuh.

Surah Al qomar  verse 17 and  22:

al qomar 17

Sahih International

And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?

4.Takrir/ muroja’ah ( Repeating to memorize verse of quran )

This step of repetition is the most difficult for Hafidh and Hafidzhoh ( People who can memorize quran).

Without this, memorizing quran is nonsense. Try to find the special time for it, for instance after sholat/ praying. Do it regularly. In shaa Allah, Allah will make it easy.


Here, I want to share the experience that I had when I taught in Ad-Da’wah Islamic Elementary School for six years. Fellow teachers and I used the ways below.

We divided the last juz of quran like this:

  •   The 1st  grade : surah Annaba to Surah An-Nazi’at.
  •   The 2nd grade : surah ‘Abasa to Surah Attakwir.
  •   The 3rd grade : surah Al Infithor to Surah Al Balad.
  •   The 4th grade : surah Ath-Thoriq to Surah Al syams.
  •   The 5th grade : surah Al lail to Surah An Naass.
  •   The 6th grade : all of surah in the last juz.

And we used the methods above “One day, one verse”. The students did it only one time a day before they began learning the other lessons. Alhamdulillah, the students could finished their memorizing in this juz well. Beside that, the student should  memorize the first juz including the translation word by word, this is called “ Tarjamah Lafdziyah”.

The other good news, there are so many children ( 3-7 years ) who can memorize quran especially the 29th  juz and the 30th juz. In my country, there is a TV program named HAFIDZ INDONESIA. This program’s main purpose is to encourage the children to memorize quran. Yes, it can give the good spirit for them surely. Not for getting the reward from the sponsor, but to race in goodness (Fastabiqul Khoirot ). Subhanallah.

It is a video of  HAFIDZ INDONESIA.

That’s all  I can share at this time. One thing, I’m  not a perfect  Muslimah, but I’m trying to be better day by day. Thank for visiting and reading.  Please share your opinion or experience in memorizing quran. I would love it.


Here, I wanted to say Thank you very much to my beloving sister Theresa Corbin, for editing this article.

JAZAKILLAH KHOIRON KATSIIROO. May Allah blesses your science .