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Sharing The Steps of Making Hand Lettering

Today I’ll write/ share the steps of making hand lettering as I said in my previous post. The following steps were taken base on my experience only. I don’t read any tutorials, just doing/practicing by viewing its examples and I’m trying not to duplicate those examples. I want to keep the authenticity of my hand lettering.

If you are interested, you can read the steps below!

  • The first step, I made some soft lines to make me easy in drawing the letters and shapes. I chose to draw a bottle and ribbon.



  • Then I chose the words and wrote them on the ribbon. Here, I chose surah Al-Qolam verse: 1 for this pic. The reasons, because I took the word Qolam from this verse as my new blog name. It’s Arabic word means “Pen.” And “Qolamii” = My Pen in English. I’ve ever written that I don’t have power/ authority but I only have pen. I’ll make my pen sharper than swords. 🙂 Here I used pencil first before using pen in the next step.



  • The third, I thickened the pic by using pen. I used snowman drawing pen 0.1 and 0.6. I also include this verse in Arabic, but I only wrote by small Arabic letters.



  • The last step is coloring and deleting some lines and other useless parts in that image. I used red, blue and green for coloring.  I drew a bottle. Bottle is like my papers and my images are like the water. Will I make this bottle clean or dirty? Of course I’ll make it clean and benefit water for me especially and for others. I hope so.



Those’re my steps in drawing hand lettering. I must say I’m not an expert, so I need those steps. Actually I only need time less than one hour to make it. But my time isn’t only for blogging, I have other duties anyhow I’m in holidays. 😀


PS. Sorry, the pics aren’t good because the quality of my camera in my phone isn’t good too. LOL! One day I must change it!