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Don’t be a Shopaholic!, May 13 – Limits: 100 Words or “Drabbles”

The Prompt
Write a story in exactly 100 words




Maryam and her son Isa were walking on the road. Maryam bought some uniforms for her son.
“Do you want to buy any food, Isa?”
“No, Mom! Thank you! I’m not hungry. Let’s go home now!” Isa refused his Mom’s offering.
“I can buy you some food if you wish.”
“No, Mommy, thanks! We have eaten and drunk. It’s enough for me. Please keep your money! Don’t be a shopaholic!” Isa suggested his mother to save her wallet.
Maryam was so proud of her son’s idea. She was glad that her son has understood about how to use money well.