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May 16 – Limits: Second Person

Today we’re taking on the rare point of view: second person.

The Prompt
Write A Story In The Second Person

Oh, I had never written short story in second person. I just read about it in “A Story A Day in May.” Then I searched the examples of this point of view. Hard challenge!

Here is my writing!

Your new life was begun in that night. That night has given you bad story. You walked alone from your campus. You went home so late because there was meeting in your campus. Your friend Raisa has offered her help to accompany you to your home, but you refused her. You said that you’ll be fine. But, your guess was wrong, in the retired place before you passed the bridge, the four men have waylaid you. They held your hands and took your property. Not only that, they forced you to serve their desire. Yes, they raped you over and over till you fainted.

You only screamed, but nobody heard your voice. They left you there after raped you. They laughed loudly after that. They have taken your virginity. You cried, and cried along the night. You walked the way of your home wobbly. Bloody!

Your parents found you crying along your days and nights. You didn’t answer their question. You felt very sad and have tried to end your life. But, your parents and your family always help you and console you. They will never leave you in the darkness.

Since that, you have hated all the men. You have forgotten all your boyfriends. You said to yourself that all the men are same. You totally hated them. You were despondent. Finally, in your anger you made decision to leave your home and take to road. The other extreme decision, you proclaimed as a lesbian. You felt happy and got peace with your own way. You have left your religion and forgotten to worship your Lord.

You were so proud with your new life. You wrote and share about yourself in social media, “I AM A LESBIAN AND I AM PROUD OF THIS LABEL. I’LL MARRY A WOMAN TOMORROW!”