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Book Review: The Ducktrinors “Hanifa” Book 1 by Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia was so kind to give this copy of her novel to me a month ago. I needed high focus to read her book, because English is still barrier for me. I couldn’t finish it in short time. If I read Indonesian novels, I could finish them in a day or 3 days if I wasn’t in free. Besides that, I had many things to do at my work and my home, he..he but whenever I had time, I forced myself to read, to understand and to take the lessons from her novel. I would love to call her novel as an Islamic science fiction, because Papatia used modern devices to describe the time and we can’t find those in our real lives. She also inserted hadith and Islamic knowledge in her novel. That’s great! I like adventure, romance, and science fiction. Islamic science fiction is hard to find, and Papatia has succeeded to show her ability to write novel in this genre.

I admire you, Sister!

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Here is my review of The Ductrinors Hanifa Book 1, written by Papatia Feauxzar.
Papatia told us about the lifetime when the Muslims felt so hard to show their identity as Muslims. Why? Because the world is in Secular’s hand. They lead the world. In this story, Secular’s leader is Sylas.

Hanifa, an 19 years old girl of Ethiopian origin can feel it, and she wanted to change the world. She has big dream to save the world and the Muslims. Her parents have different view with her and also her siblings Malik and Shafiya. But, Hanifa has smart idea to against the seculars. She joins the secular army while in that time she collects the information and find the followers to support her dream to end that bad life.

She fights Sylas and she could kill him, but Sylas isn’t a normal human, he can be reborn after he was killed. Unluckily, Judas has known Sylas’s weakness.

I like the character of Hanifa, she’s ambitious, smart, brave and has good ability to lead the other people (followers). Hanifa also has other dreams to find the cave, houses some ashabi kiram– companions- who will come in handy in helping Isa, Jesus fight Yajud and Majud. She also wants to spread the message of Islam by teaching the four Sunni madhabs.

One thing I don’t find here is only about the setting of time. I often read the novels are set in future life such as 2020 or 2030. Overall, this story is very nice to read. I found a great word in page 233: “Kneeling before a creature of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala is a grave sin…….”

Absolutely, Sis!

I suggest to teenagers, adults like me to read this novel! Find and feel the amazing journey in it.



PS: I hope I wrote the review rightly.  :

Correct me, Sis Papatia if you find something wrong in my review.

The Precious Gift from My Beloved Sister Papatia

Assalamu’alaikum my dear friends!

Hope you’re always in good faith and health! Ameen!

In this post, I wanted to share my happiness to you all!   🙂

Insha Allah I won’t share my sadness.      😀

My beloved friend  Papatia Feauxzar (I like to call her as my beloved sister) was so kind to send me her new novel The Ducktrinors Hanifa Book 1. I got it in this morning. My country Indonesia is sooo far from USA, but she gave it as a gift for me.

Jazakillah khoir for your kindness, my sis. Only Allah can reward your kindness.

What amazing friendship!

To be honest, in this real life we have never met, but our souls have met already.

I’ll read, learn this novel. I believe that I’ll get many new words and phrases from that Novel. Insha’Allah.

You’re all heart, Sister. I always love you fillah! We’ll meet  in this dunya (world) or in akhirat (hereafter). Insha’Allah!  You’re my great supporter!   🙂

Package from Sis Papatia Feauxzar.
Package from Sis Papatia Feauxzar.


It's real! I hold her novel! Masha;Allah! You've made my day, Sis!
It was real! I held her novel! Masha;Allah! You’ve made my day, Sis!

Thank you for reading!

Wassalam!    ❤