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Body and Soul


The chat below is only my poor thought!

Body : “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhh.”

Soul : “Hi Body! What’s up?”

Body : “I’m very tired! I’m bored!”

Soul : “So what?”

Body : “I want to meet death.”

Soul : “Death? Do you think if you’re died your problem will solved well?”

Body : “Yes, I’ll get my rest there, in my grave, my new home!”

Soul : “The problems in your grave will be greater than in world.”

Body : “I’ll separate from you then, so that will be your           responsibility to answer the questions from the Angels  Munkar and Nakir. I’ll be returned to be soil.”

Soul : “Yes, when you meet death, we‘ll separate. But, we’ll be reunited again in grave, so we’ll answer the questions together, but why we not join together to make our lives better, you and I.”

Body : “I don’t know, I have lost my hope.”

Soul : “Oh, no! we still have hope , dear Body. We are still alive. We   can change our lives, we can Body! What do you think about it?”

Body : “O, I’ll think it. Give me times please!”

Soul : “Okay, how to contact you then?”

Body : “O, that’s very easy, I have many accounts, you can contact     me on Fb, whatsapp, blog, google+, skype, and viber. ” 😀 (just a joke! )
Soul : “ha…ha…ha! I don’t use them at all! You can contact me           easily, just message me, “Hello, my soul, I’m ready to be your             good partner,” just like that Body!

Body: “Okay, I’ll do insha’Allah. Thank you!”

Soul : “No matter!” 🙂

Dear My Love

images (34)Dear ,
It’s me your love.
I knew about you entirely,
since you were born.
We live together,
I live in your blood

Do live in this world freely!
Enjoy your times!
Be happy every time!
I’m always be here
in your blood.


I’ll be happy if you leave your God.
I’ll be glad if you do more sins.
We will go to hell together.
Come to me!
Let’s enjoy our lives.
I really love you.
Do forget your main purpose in this life.
You need freedom.
With me
you can get all.
Please hear me!
It’s me your love.
I live in your blood.

اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
Who whispers (evil) into the breasts of mankind
From among the jinn and mankind . [an-naas 5-6]

الحق من الله، والأخطاء مني