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Stories Of Indonesians

Assalamu’alaikum everyone!

The other blogger has launched her new category on her blog, (Sis Saadia, congratulation for yours. I am sure your collaboration with Sis Papatia will be awesome!)

Recently, I received a nice suggestion from my beautiful sister, naturelover321. She suggested me to post about the story of an Indonesian life. I have thought it is nice idea, so I can inform the other part of Indonesia to the world. I name this category as  Stories of Indonesians. I have been doing some research and interviews to my Indonesian friends and others.

Here, I will inform you about it a little. If you have ever searched and read about Indonesia from Wikipedia or any other sources, you will agree with me, that Indonesia is one of development countries. I missed my country will be move to be a developed country, hopefully. As a development country, generally the people of Indonesia work as farmers and fishermen.

Indonesian farmers Photo credit:http://www.asuransi-indonesia.net/asuransi-pertanian-solusi-untuk-indonesia-yang-lebih-baik/
Indonesian farmers
Photo credit:http://www.asuransi-indonesia.net/asuransi-pertanian-solusi-untuk-indonesia-yang-lebih-baik/
Indonesian Forest.
Indonesian Forest.

The other people has called my country as A small paradise that have fallen from the heaven  and as Emerald. These names were applied to Indonesia in the past. But, today Indonesia has developed in any part, especially in economy. The Indonesian government has built many factories, not only in big cities but also in villages, yes in villages including my village. I am a villager. Unluckily the owner of these factories mostly come from Korea, China, Japan,  UAE and another countries from Europe, America, and South East Asia.

Seventeenth years ago, I did not see many factories at villages. Nowadays, masha’Allah these are like the mushrooms in the wet season. It is real my friend! Many women work at factories. They leave their children from 06.00 am to 05.00 pm. So sad!

I will be happy if the owners of the factories are Indonesians.

By the way, I have found and interviewed my close friend, she works as a Judge of district court and she makes good working with his husband to keep their son. I will post it soon, insha’Allah. I will write the other stories of them, about the high society and commoners. It is fair, I think.  I also will insert about Indonesian tourism.

Jazakumullah khoir my friends for visiting and reading!

See you later!