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Hand Lettering (11)- Keeping The ideas

The ideas, sometimes come easily and sometimes hard to get. I’ve ever gotten the ideas in my dreams, in the bathroom, 😀 even from the mistakes of my drawing, he…he.

And how about you, my friends? I’m sure you catch the ideas easily, right?!

I have ways to keep them. I usually write the big point of those ideas before I write them completely, or I make simple sketch before I draw them. Thus, I don’t loss my ideas.

A cup of ideas. Write, draw and share!
A cup of ideas. Write, draw and share!

Where Are You, Ideas?!😊

Where Are You, Ideas?!
When I have times,
I’m so hard to find you.
When I didn’t have time,
You came to me nicely.

I ask you now,
Where are you, Dear?
Where can I find you?

Come to me!
Let play with me,
to make beautiful words,
to share everything to the world!

I’ll catch you,
If I see YOU! 😉

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

The Ideas Come To Me

First time,
It was so hard to find the idea
anyhow just a simple idea.
step by step
I write…. write…..then…… write.
the ideas come to me.
الحمد لله

الحق من الله، والأخطاء مني