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The Lonely Moon

the moon2
I’m the lonely moon
The darkness is my bosom friend
No air
No life
No dream
Who wants to live here with me?

I’m the lonely moon
I miss the sunlight
I need his touch in the night
I need his love
To fill my heart
To change my world
To be Full Moon!
Can I realize it?!!

*poor expression      😉

image credit:     dreamcatcherssay.blogspot.com

Past & Future

When I thought about the title of this post, I remembered these movies, “Fast and Furious” and “Back to the future,” so I decided to choose “Past & Future.”
But, I have never watched “Back to the future” only read its synopsis, and I’m not a fan of “Fast and Furious.” 😀
My friend advised me, “Don’t worry about your past, but prepare yourself for the future!”
The other has said to me, “Our past is like a rear view. It’s used to see everything behind us, and all of those are so small to see. While our future is like a windshield, it’s bigger than rear view. We’ve to focus our views to all of things in front of us. If we ignore it, we’ll get the accident. So, We shouldn’t spend our times much to memorize our past.”

"Prepare yourself for your future, and don't worry about your past."
“Prepare yourself for your future, and don’t worry about your past.”

We can’t change the failure in the past. Let bygones be bygones!
We can’t set the time into the past. Time always move on.

We just can make our lives better when we have chance to see the sun and get the new day. It’s mean we still have HOPES.
Here in this post, I took some opinions from the wise people who live around me, because I need those life lessons.
We live in present, past has gone, and the future is still mystery.

Searched The Light

السلام عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم

My Expression "Searched the light"
My Expression “Searched the light”

She walked in

life vein

She saw around

only the darkness.

Her life road

was not straight

the sharp pebbles had

blocked her journey.

She fell into the depth of misery

She crawled

to back to her path

searched the light.

Now, she can see

She can see her light

from a far

She tries to hold it so eagerly.

She hopes it’ll be

much brighter than

the sunlight

and can brightened

her path.

My Thankfulness, My Apologies & My Hopes

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dear my lovely friends and fellow bloggers,

Firstly, I should be grateful to Allah The Almighty for all mercies and blessings those has given to me and my family. Alhamdulillah Allah still gives me the chance to live and make any changes in my life.

A quote of grateful Photo credit: sitipuspasari.blogspot.com
A quote of grateful
Photo credit: sitipuspasari.blogspot.com

Then, allow me to say it to you all. Many thanks to you;

  • For following, visiting, reading, commenting, and correcting my writing,
  • For the beautiful friendships,
  • For your great supports,
  • For re-blogging and sharing my plain posts,
  • And for your nice duas, (You’re really wonderful friends!)

I apologize;

  • For some grammar errors, (I’m very poor in it),
  • For being late visiting your blogs,
  • For my lack response to your comments,
  • For my bad words if these words have hurt your heart,
  • For my crazy ideas of my posts.

I hope;

  • We will be good friends here.
  • You will give the corrections for my poor posts,
  • You will give your opinion if you find something wrong on my post. I would love to receive the ideas from you.

Please feel free to share, to comment, to re-blog and to correct my posts.

The rightness comes from Allah only, and the wrongness comes from me, (Poor Allah’s servant).

May Allah always bless you! Ameen!


“Social justice for all of the people of Indonesia.”  (the fifth of Five Principle of Indonesian constitution).

But, I find this reality in my country, my loving homeland.

Video about  Indonesian Legislative assembly facilities.

The poor Indonesian people and their problems, no home, no money, no hope.

The Voice Of  Ragtag

I am a human

I have not chosen to be a beggar

Nor to be a homeless

I need food

I need cloth

I need home,

Where are you , Sir?

Do you hear me as your people?

Do you remember your duty?

To do a mandate from your people.

Do you respect to the poor men like me?

Being a beggar is not my choice.

Do I have chance to change my life, Sir?

What are you doing for your people, Sir?

Will you enrich your life by your position now?

Do you respect to the homeless like me?

Being a homeless is not my choice.

Do I have chance to change my life, Sir?

Live in my homeland fairly……

فأمّا اليتيم فلا تقهر . وأمّا السائل فلا تنهر

So as for the orphan, do not oppress [him]. And as for the petitioner, do not repel [him]. Adh-Dhuha 9-10.


It’s only a reminder for myself. Oh, I’m so lazy now to continue my writing activity, that’s so bad. My lovely friend Papatia Feauxzar, the author of Between Sister,  SVP! said, “you may have writer’s block and it’s completely natural.” You’re right Sister. I’m struggling with it.

I need great motivation, I need spirit…..high spirit!! Finally, I found my spirit from a wonderful book, it’s written by Ustadz Felix Y Siauw. He wrote about “How to master your habits”.

A wonderful book "How to Master Your Habits"
A wonderful book “How to Master Your Habits”

He is a muslim convert, but his knowledge about Islam is very….very wonderful. الله has given him great iman, great brain, great manner, great family,  سبحان الله  . I, who was born as muslimah also learn many things from him, especially about “Life Spirit”. Indeed, I need it so much.

He wrote in his great book, that a habits is likes a spiral.

Spiral of Habits
Spiral of Habits

I have a dream. I want to be a professional English writer. I want to share a little of my knowledge about Islam to another all over the world. I wish. إن شاء الله.

I soon realized, I have to LEARN English more…and more. Learn it from books, videos, websites, online English teachers and native speakers. For me, never old to learn. That I know myself I’m an old lady, he…he. Then, COMMIT to my schedules, and then PRACTICE  them (all part of English skill) a lot. Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. Next, I also need REPETITION . Yes, I must repeat these activities, again…again…and again. (always three times). I hope I will get my HABITS. إن شاء الله

Now, let’s see a beautiful words from Imam Syafi’i. He said;

أَخِي لَنْ تَنَا لُ الْعِلْمَ الاّ بِسِتَّةٍ سَأُ نَبِّيْكَ عَنْ تَفْصِيْلِهَا بِبَيَا نٍ : ذَكَا ءٌ وَحِرْصٌ وَاجْتِهَادٌ وَدِرْهَمٌ وَصُحْبَةُ أُسْتَا ذٍ وَطُوْلُ زَمَا نٍ

O my brother! You will never get a science, unless you do these 6 requisites that I’ll explain them to you; you need a good brain, high spirit in learning, read up, invest your gold (fund) , and you need a teacher who can help you in your study, and then you’ll get your science for a long time.

الحمد لله  I’m so excited now. Yups, I have hopes. I hope I can do this pattern. إن شا ء الله

Would you like to give me spirit, my brothers and sisters?!  I’d love it.