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The Tests of The Faith

Assalamu’alaikum everyone! 💗

Less money…
It’s a test!

Less food…
It’s a test!

Less fruit…
It’s a test!

Loss of family,
Jobs and
Those’re tests from Allah!
Can we pass the hardships
patiently and being grateful
that we still have faith
in our hearts?

Having a lot of money…
It’s a test!
Having a lot of food…
It’s a test!
Having a beautiful face,
A high status,
A great job,
And having a lot of
Those’re tests from Allah!
Can we become grateful people
to all the mercies those
we have received from Allah?

The difficulties
The happiness
are tests from Allah!

People can pass
The hardships easier
than being tested
with the happiness.

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

May 16 – Limits: Second Person

Today we’re taking on the rare point of view: second person.

The Prompt
Write A Story In The Second Person

Oh, I had never written short story in second person. I just read about it in “A Story A Day in May.” Then I searched the examples of this point of view. Hard challenge!

Here is my writing!

Your new life was begun in that night. That night has given you bad story. You walked alone from your campus. You went home so late because there was meeting in your campus. Your friend Raisa has offered her help to accompany you to your home, but you refused her. You said that you’ll be fine. But, your guess was wrong, in the retired place before you passed the bridge, the four men have waylaid you. They held your hands and took your property. Not only that, they forced you to serve their desire. Yes, they raped you over and over till you fainted.

You only screamed, but nobody heard your voice. They left you there after raped you. They laughed loudly after that. They have taken your virginity. You cried, and cried along the night. You walked the way of your home wobbly. Bloody!

Your parents found you crying along your days and nights. You didn’t answer their question. You felt very sad and have tried to end your life. But, your parents and your family always help you and console you. They will never leave you in the darkness.

Since that, you have hated all the men. You have forgotten all your boyfriends. You said to yourself that all the men are same. You totally hated them. You were despondent. Finally, in your anger you made decision to leave your home and take to road. The other extreme decision, you proclaimed as a lesbian. You felt happy and got peace with your own way. You have left your religion and forgotten to worship your Lord.

You were so proud with your new life. You wrote and share about yourself in social media, “I AM A LESBIAN AND I AM PROUD OF THIS LABEL. I’LL MARRY A WOMAN TOMORROW!”

May 15 Limits: First Person

The Prompt
Write A Story In the First Person

“O, Allah! Yassirlana umuurona! Yasirlana umuurona!”

I don’t know what I have to do now. I don’t know the way to find much money to help my family. My wife just asked me money to buy some food and to treat our daughter. She is getting problem with her bronchial tube. I’m only a shop keeper, and my salary isn’t enough to recover all our needs.

Abi, we have to take Zainab to hospital. She isn’t getting well. I’m worried about her!” Salma told me about Zainab. It was heartbreaking. I said to please her heart and trying to give her hope, “Insha’Allah, I’ll find other job to get much money. Please pray for me! I’ll go now, Umi! Take care!” After kissing my wife and my daughter, I left the house to find other job. I have to do it for my family.

Finding job for men in this country is really difficult. Most of factories need women worker than men. It isn’t fair for men. I was graduated from Indonesian University, Information Management Program. But, I wasn’t lucky, my certificate was burnt when the fire burnt our house five years ago. My parents were died, and so my younger sister Aisha. I lost all my family in that accident. I was very sad, I couldn’t save my family and all the property.
I knew it was test from Allah and I accepted my life today.
It was sad to remember my past, I have to face my life today. My family needs much money now.

“O, Allah, help me to face this life! Guide me, O Allah!”
Untill dzuhur prayer, I didn’t find a job yet. I decided to take pray in Masjid. When I put my shoes on the rack, I heard someone called my name.
“Samir, you’re here? Hey do you remember me? I’m Musa, your close friend in University.”
I hunted about for the voice, and I saw a tall man with white skin was standing in front of me, “masha’Allah Musa, is it really you? Allah blesses you my brother!”
“Alhamdulillah, it’s very nice to see you here!”
Finally, we talked a lot after praying. He told me everything, about his business and his success life. He asked me a lot. I told him a little of my life, I didn’t want to share my sadness and my hardship to others even to my closest friend.
“I can see your hardship from your eyes, Samir. Please do tell it to me. Perhaps I can help you!” Musa asked me again. And I told him.
“Actually, I want to help you, Samir. I need a smart worker to manage my factory in Surabaya. Can you join with me?” Musa gave his idea to help me.
“O, I lost my certificate, Musa. I can’t leave my family for this time. I still have other job as a shopkeeper.”
“I don’t need your certificate, I only need your skill Samir! Please think about it!”
“I can leave my job next month, friend. I have to treat my daughter first.” I explained about my affairs.
“I have doubt about it if you wait till next month. O, wait…! I have other idea.” Musa lower his voice.
“I have friend whom need many workers this time. This job is very easy. You only have to deliver something to consumers.”
“What’s job, Musa?” I was interested with his idea.
“Be a courier. You can contact him if you’re interested.” Musa gave me a name card. I said many thanks to him.


Today was the third day I did my new job. It was really very simple job. I was like a postman. The different were I was paid everyday and I got some tips from my consumers.
I have delivered almost the packets. I still have three packets in baggage. I really loved this job. Tom, Musa’s friend was very kind. He gave me a motorcycle as my facility and had paid 50% of my salary in the first day. Alhamdulillah, I could take my daughter to hospital to get good treatment. Her mother and her uncle are accompanying her in hospital. Alhamdulillah for everything.

The traffic today was very crowded. Oh, I saw many policemen on cross road. I thought there was a raid. I drove my motor cycle slowly.
“Stop your motor, please park it here!” One of the policemen asked me to park my motor beside the road.
“Show me your identity, please!”
I show all my identity cards and driver’s license. “Complete! Now, please open the baggage!”
I did his order, “Only packets, Sir! I’m a courier!”
“Okay, I’ll open the packets!” He said again.
“Wait, Sir! There aren’t mine. Please don’t open them! It’s my responsibility to deliver them to the consumers.” I did mind with his order.
“Do you know what are they?”
I shook my head. I didn’t understand with his asking.
“You’ll be known in a few minutes, I’ll open them.” He asked to open the packet compulsively. I gave up with that situation.
“They’re narcotics! You can see them, Man!”
“Masha’Allah! I can’t believe it! They aren’t mine Sir! I swear by name of Allah, these packets aren’t mine!”
“You can explain about it in court, next! Now follow us to the Police office!”
“Sir, listen to me, please! I have family, my daughter is in hospital with my wife. I have to help them. If you catch me, so who will keep my family? Who will help them to pay the treatment? Who will…….” I protested with their decision.
“Pay your lawyer to help you!”


I can’t believe it. Musa, my closest friend has thrown me into jail. He sent me Tom to give me job. And I was so stupid accepted their offering. If I didn’t meet Musa, I’d be there accompany my lovely daughter in hospital. Allah, give me patience to pass this test. I’m Harun in jail now, in the cold place. I’ve failed to be a good father and a good husband! Forgive me O, Allah! Forgive me Salma! Forgive me my love Zainab! Forgive me, forgive me please!!! I was crying there mourned for my bad life.

Where Has Her Husband Gone?


Where has her husband gone?

When the wife was sad

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife worked hard to finance
The need of whole family

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife educated and taught
The children at home

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife had problems

Does she have husband?
Yes, she has husband.
But, she is like a widow
Facing the hardships alone

So, where has her husband gone?

Life Cycle

السلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم


For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.

Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. <Ash-Sharh: 5-6>

Searched The Light

السلام عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم

My Expression "Searched the light"
My Expression “Searched the light”

She walked in

life vein

She saw around

only the darkness.

Her life road

was not straight

the sharp pebbles had

blocked her journey.

She fell into the depth of misery

She crawled

to back to her path

searched the light.

Now, she can see

She can see her light

from a far

She tries to hold it so eagerly.

She hopes it’ll be

much brighter than

the sunlight

and can brightened

her path.

Flower and Beetle

Assalamu’alaikum my lovely friends!
Barakallahu fiikum!


I  have no good ideas for writing these days. It made me really bored. So, now I’ll let my fingers dance on the keyboard to flow out my words from my brain. Maybe through this way I’ll get ideas easily. Oh yes, I’ll try to write about “Flower and Beetle.”

Flower n beetle
Flower n beetle

A flower in the park looks sad and tired. She is waiting the beetle.
“O beetle! Why you left me here? When will you come to me bringing wonderful dreams for me? I’m keeping your words, you said you’ll come soon take me fly over to the blue sky. O, I’m waiting you here, my dear!”
Tears fall on her face. She remembers well, a few times ago, the beetle came to her. He was cheering her. He sang many beautiful songs for her. He seduced her to give all her nectar. She trusted him completely. She gave all her nectar. She really hopes the beetle will keep his promise.

After few days, a dove came to her, brought a bad news.
“O flower, my dear friend! I have sad news for you. I’m worried it will break your heart. What do you think about it? Should I tell it to you?”
A flower said sadly, “Tell me please! Is it about my honey the beetle?”
A dove thought a while then told her, “The beetle will never back to you. He always hunts,…hunts the other flowers. Do you know, he’s staying in the other park. I saw him by my eyes. He has betrayed his trust.”
“No, I can’t believe it! He will come! He will accompany me here! I’ll wait him!”
“I’m so sorry dear, I just telling you the truth. I’m here, tell me if you need any help from me!” said a dove wistfully.
A flower cried. “You know, I have given all my nectar, all my love to him. I was so stupid! Now, I don’t have anything to face my life. I will be wilt.”
“You have a softheart, dear. You can make your life better. You have a lot of loves in your heart. You can pass your hardship! Trust me, you’re so strong!” A dove advised her nicely.
“I can’t! I’m a flower. When I lost my nectar, my life ends. Now, I understand well, the beetle will never back to me. He will not invite me to fly to blue sky.”

A dove saw a flower fell from its stalk. Her life had ended.


A woman should keep her dignity as well.
A gentleman would never undermine the dignity of women.