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With Sadness Will be Happiness

I have a sad story, but I won’t write completely here, I’ll write about the formula of life that I recently got.

Last Tuesday (April, 19), someone made me cry. Yes, I cried, and I had class in that time. Finally I left the class. I needed an hour to control myself.

I don’t like to interfere the life of others. I’ve tried to keep my mouth not to speak bad, not to make gossip and so on.

“Speak well or nothing.”

That day, I got sadness. Alhamdulillah I could hide my sadness in front of my students and others.

In the same day, before prayer Isya (prayer in night) a friend of mine phoned me. She was in Mecca (Mekkah, Saudi). She was doing Umrah. She said that she missed me and wanted to talk with me. I asked her prayer.
“You’re in my prayers, always.” She said. She hopes that one day she can invite me to visit Mecca again.

I got happiness in that night.
I thought, in the morning I was sad and I was happy in the night, still in the same day. Masha’Allah.

Then, I remember the verses in surah Al- Inshirah, verses 5 and 6.

It’s like a circle.

The other friend of mine advised me, “be happy when you got sadness, because you’ll find happiness after that. And prepare yourself when you got happiness, after that you’ll get sadness. That’s a life.”

Alhamdulillah, after that the other happiness has come to me till this time. 🙂

ايفا فطمواتي 

They Asked Me For Homework 😊

Being a teacher and playing with my students is always nice, masha’Allah. I feel young forever. 😅

They always give me happiness, smiles and loves. I love them so much! 💞
I’ll tell you a story about them.

One day, I taught Math. In the end of the lesson, I said to my students. “Today, I won’t give you homework. You’ve understood well about the lesson. I don’t want to burden you.”
“Give us the homework, Ustadzah!” said one of the students.

I was surprised to hear that.
“Really? Are you sure that you want to do the homework?”
“Yes we do!” all the students answered the same.
“How many questions? 5 or 10?”
“50, Ustadzah!”
“He..he.., okay I’ll give you 10 questions, and 50 special for you!” They laughed hearing my decision. They already knew the questions were only 10.

I did it intentionally. I wanted to know their response about homework.
They were so nice. They often ask me the homework after the lessons end. 😊
Some of them always do the homework faster in school, and said to me, “We’ve finished the homework before you ask us to collect it.”

I’m really blessed that I was selected to teach them, the beautiful and the diligent students.

“O, Allah, give me happiness in this teaching activity!”
“O, Allah, give them large knowledge and patience in their learning! Ameen!”

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

The Tests of The Faith

Assalamu’alaikum everyone! 💗

Less money…
It’s a test!

Less food…
It’s a test!

Less fruit…
It’s a test!

Loss of family,
Jobs and
Those’re tests from Allah!
Can we pass the hardships
patiently and being grateful
that we still have faith
in our hearts?

Having a lot of money…
It’s a test!
Having a lot of food…
It’s a test!
Having a beautiful face,
A high status,
A great job,
And having a lot of
Those’re tests from Allah!
Can we become grateful people
to all the mercies those
we have received from Allah?

The difficulties
The happiness
are tests from Allah!

People can pass
The hardships easier
than being tested
with the happiness.

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني