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Why Men Don’t Wear Hijab?

Assalamu’alaikum my lovely friends,
One day, I got funny questions from my son.
“May I wear hijab?”
“He..he, no Dear! You are a boy.”
He asked me again, “Why men don’t wear hijab?”
I smiled widely at him, “Hijab is only for Muslimah, like your Mom, your aunt, and your grandma.”
“Oh I see, but I saw men wear hijab.” He gave his opinion.
“Where did you see them?”
“On nasheed videos.” said Kaka.
“They don’t wear hijab, but Gutra. The Arabian men usually wear it on their heads. Physically men and women are different, so that our awrah. Allah has ordered all Muslima to cover their hairs. We are forbidden to show our hairs to the foreigners, except our family. (I don’t explain about mahram and non mahram for this time. I’ll explain it to him in next time).
“Do you understand, Dear?”
“Yes, Mom!”answered him.
“Do you still wanna wear hijab, he…he?”
“Hahaha…of course not! I’M A BOY!!”

{I dunno what his questions next! I’ve to read a lot to answer his questions.😊}

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني