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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

برحمة الله   إندونيسيا نال الإستقلال

Today is Indonesian Independence day. Indonesia got freedom 0n August 17th ,1945. The Indonesian nation put up a good fight  for freedom about 350 years. So long time.

Here is the history of Indonesia in outline.

European colonization:

  1. Portuguese , 1512- 1850.
  2. Dutch East India Company , 1602- 1800.
  3. Netherlands East Indies, 1800- 1942, and continued 1945-1950.

Emergence of Indonesia:

  1. National Awakening, 1908- 1942.
  2. Japanese Occupation, 1942-1945.
  3. National Revolution, 1945-1950.


  1. Liberal democracy, 1950- 1957.
  2. Guided democracy, 1957- 1965.
  3. Transition, 1965- 1966.
  4. New Order, 1966-1998.
  5. Reformation, 1998- present.

For the more information, please visit Proclamation Of Indonesian Independence.

The colonisation always makes suffering to the shadow-lands. The Indonesian nation ever felt it for long time. So, each country has a right to get its freedom. Now, look at Palestine and the other countries that they are still fighting shoulder to shoulder to get their independence. May Allah The Helper, help them to get it. As Indonesia got its independence. ألله اكبر, only Allah The Helper, and do the struggling only for Him.