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Lessons from Japan

“Japanese people are well known as people who have applied high discipline in all parts of their lives.” I shared my thought to my younger sister Riska.

“That’s very true!” said Riska.
“I saw the facts about that with my eyes, and I have to say they’re really amazing people.”

“Do you want to know about their positive habits?”

“Okay, please tell me, maybe I can take some advantages from your story.” I was interested to hear her story.

“Anyhow I lived there only a week, but I had captured and took many positive lessons from Japanese. Here are some of their positive characters:

• They’re workaholics.
• They care about cleanliness. We met a Japanese woman who took the rubbish (only a paper) on sidewalk.
• Some of them don’t know about topics of movies even the Japans movies. They don’t have time for watching movies.
• The main point they always obey the rules.
I give 4 thumbs for them!” 😄

Subhanallah, that’s GREAT!

“We didn’t hear thorns during we lived there.” My younger sister smiled at me, “it’d be nice if Indonesian people can imitate these positive habits.”

“True, but it isn’t easy to do. Maybe we can start from little community like our families or school. Yes, I have idea to share these good lessons to my students.”

“Good thinking!” replied Riska my younger sister.

“Thanks for the lessons, we start from ourselves, we start from small community and we start right now!”

The conversation above was happened a few days after my younger sister arrived from Japan. She was chosen to be a member of Sakura exchange program. Alhamdulillah. She also has a dream to take her master program in Japan, insha’Allah.

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

Day Twelve: Dark Clouds on the (Virtual) Horizon

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

Take time to listen-to what you hear around you, or what your memories stir up.

Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.

(Actually, I don’t understand yet about foreshadowing. I’d love to hear your correction!)

16 years ago, in Language Court, Islamic Boarding School.

It was a dark night. The doors of the boarding school had been closed by care takers. There weren’t activities. The time was for rest. But, I was not in my room in that time.

I sat outside Language Court. There were a few students from other classes who were called to come to court. I was nervous and panicked. I didn’t know what will happen to me. What punishment that I’d get from the Language Court.

It was such a nightmare. The room of court was dark. They only used a candle to add horror of the room.

Ah, I was so stupid, I did break the language rule this morning.

I took deep breath, trying to control myself. I was really afraid to imagine the punishment. Friends told me, the punishment from language court was the hardest than other section.

After 30 minutes, they called me. I entered the room alone. They were three judges inside.

“Eva, class 3 Intensive B, from West Java, right?”

They mentioned my identity. I only nodded.

“Sister, do you know your mistake?” One of them asked my mistake.

“No.”  I didn’t answer correctly, because I wanted to know about my mistake from them.

“How could you don’t know your mistake? It’s a language court, so your mistake was about language.”

“I didn’t speak Indonesian language, Sister.”

“Yes, you didn’t, but you were absent in Morning conversation, correct?”

I admitted my mistake. I waited the punishment. I felt the night was very cold. It was really a nightmare. I had never broken the school rules before.

“Sister! We have known about you. We will tell you something. The senior teachers and senior students have nominated you as one of candidate chief for the future, two years later. So, why you did this stupid act?”

Whaaat? They have chosen me as a candidate chief. Am I dreaming?

“Truthfully, I was getting stomach ache, that was why I was absent. I forgot to tell it to my supervisor. I will never repeat this mistake.” I tried to give the reason.

“We got you! You’re well known as a discipline student, we didn’t believe that you have broken the rule till we see you here, in this court.”

“Okay, sister! Your punishment is, you must ask the signatures of your class teacher, your room supervisor, the chief of language court and complete it with our signatures. You must collect it to us before 08.00 pm tomorrow. Can you do it?” I listened to their explanation. It was not difficult.

“I can, insha’Allah.”

“Good! Please keep in your mind, we don’t want to see your face here for the second time. So, obey all the rules. We trust you, you’ll get success in your study here!”

I left the court. I walked in to my room. I was thinking about my conversation with the judges of language. It was interesting experience for me. In my opinion, the language court was not chilling. It was a nice place for discussion, I thought.