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Writing 101, Day Seven: Give and Take

Today’s Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.


Today’s twist: write your post in the form of a dialogue.


I’m not sure with my post today! Let me know if you find something wrong in my writing.

Here, I’ll write debate between “Day and Night.”

Day, "I'm better than Night!"
Day, “I’m better than Night!”


Night, "I'm better than Day."
Night, “I’m better than Day.”

In private place, Day and Night were talking about their grandeur.
Day said sardonically to the night, “Hi Night! I’m better than you. I have  sun,  rainbow and beautiful scene where the people can enjoy my beauty.”
Night laughed loudly when he heard that and he replied, “Hi Day! Don’t be arrogant. I’m Night, I’m more beautiful than you. I have wonderful moon, the twinkle stars, and I always give amazing dream to all creatures.”
“But, people can’t see rainbow in you,” replied the Day.
“And people can’t see the wonderful of stars in you! So, I’m better than you!”
Day didn’t reply Night. Night felt win, so he continued to mock Day.
“You only make the creature stress, rat race, and weariness. With your sun, you’d burn the earth.”
Day was upset to hear Night’s words.
“Many people do their activities in me. You as Night, only give them the laziness, Sleeping….Sleeping …and sleeping, be active guy!”
“Are you okay, Day? You need rest. And I have it, be relaxed, take a deep breath and sleep!” said Night then.
“You give the darkness!” mocked Day.
The Night didn’t receive it, then he said, “But the moon and stars give others their lights. You should see me! See my beauty!”
“You must see me, see the beauty of my rainbow, the beautiful sea, the mountains and others.”
Night stared at Day arrogantly, then said, “Do listen carefully! Muslims only pray tahajud in Night, they connected to Allah nicely. Night is the best time for getting guidance from Allah. In Night, people usually get awesome inspirations by looking the stars, now tell me your grandeur!”
“Any other your virtues? I do know people prayed tahajud in your time, but have you ever heard about prayer duha, prayer of ‘iedul fitri, ‘iedul adha and performing Hajj? In what time they did those worships? Answer please?” spoke Day proudly. “Who is better? I am, right?”
“No, of course not, I’m better than you!”
“You’re so stubborn, Night!”
“You too!”

Then the earth came to them and said wisely.

“I need you both. If Allah only created Day, I’d be burnt. So, I need Night to cover my skin from the sunlight. Please don’t be arrogant. I do need you both.”

Day and Night were shy to hear that.


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