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Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog


Alhamdulillah a new writing challenge just come. It’s Blogging 101.
In the first day, I’ve to introduce myself to the world. I think you’ve known who I am, what I am and where I’m from. You can read about me on page “About Me.” I’m very glad that I’ve connected with some awesome bloggers via my blog and on social media. So, should I introduce myself again here?

I decided to tell you why I’m here. I’ve written more times in my earlier posts that I’m an English learner. I love English/ Arabic besides my language. I also love writing and art so much. Here, I want to combine all my (ordinary) abilities become posts and share them in my blog.

I’ve written various topics, such as Islamic knowledge, family, writing, blogging, stories of Indonesians and so on. As a learner, I’ll explore my writing ability. I won’t to stop to write anyhow when I get a problem with my devices. I’ll keep my writing activity, if I can’t connect to internet maybe I’ll save my draft post in my PC then publish it in other time.

I knew there are so many new bloggers that started their blogging fantastically. They have a huge followers and good feedback from other bloggers. FANTASTICO! I really admire their works!

Now, back to myself, okay take it easy. Do blogging step by step and regularly. I hope I’ll get my goals soon here. Ameen! Everything is begun from the step one. From Zero to Hero! (I really love this motto!)

By the way, if you feel interest to connect with me personally, you can add me on Fb (I’m rare there) or other social media, or just email me. Please see my “Contact Me!” And if you don’t mind we can connect freely there. Actually I use Google+, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Viber. But, I’m mostly on blog and Whatsapp. (I’ll share my whatsapp and my viber number with you if you ask me via email).   🙂
I think it’s enough for this time, C U at class (Blogging 101) tomorrow, insha’Allah!