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Bill Gates – Quote Challenge, Day 2

bill gates

I really like this quote!

Sometimes I ask to myself, why un educated people can become the owners of big companies while the educated people only become the workers in those companies.

Bob Sadino illustrates a stupid man will start doing business as soon as an idea pops into his head, while an educated man will spend his time thinking which ideas need to be applied, and then at the end none of his ideas become reality. Sadino also emphasizes that theory without practice is nothing. 

Why I took Bob Sadino’s mind here, because Bill gates’ quote is like Bob’s mind.  That was why I chose their quotes here.   🙂

Thank you so much  visionariekindness for inviting me in Quote Challenge.  (So sweet of you, Sis!)

Rules of the Quote Challenge:

1-Post on three consecutive days.
2-You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3-Challenge three different bloggers per day

As the previous post here I’ll invite all bloggers/ friends who visit and read this post to join in this challenge.

You always have choice to accept it or ignore.

Happy weekend, every one!