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The Precious Gift from My Beloved Sister Papatia

Assalamu’alaikum my dear friends!

Hope you’re always in good faith and health! Ameen!

In this post, I wanted to share my happiness to you all!   🙂

Insha Allah I won’t share my sadness.      😀

My beloved friend  Papatia Feauxzar (I like to call her as my beloved sister) was so kind to send me her new novel The Ducktrinors Hanifa Book 1. I got it in this morning. My country Indonesia is sooo far from USA, but she gave it as a gift for me.

Jazakillah khoir for your kindness, my sis. Only Allah can reward your kindness.

What amazing friendship!

To be honest, in this real life we have never met, but our souls have met already.

I’ll read, learn this novel. I believe that I’ll get many new words and phrases from that Novel. Insha’Allah.

You’re all heart, Sister. I always love you fillah! We’ll meet  in this dunya (world) or in akhirat (hereafter). Insha’Allah!  You’re my great supporter!   🙂

Package from Sis Papatia Feauxzar.
Package from Sis Papatia Feauxzar.


It's real! I hold her novel! Masha;Allah! You've made my day, Sis!
It was real! I held her novel! Masha;Allah! You’ve made my day, Sis!

Thank you for reading!

Wassalam!    ❤


I am not a dreamer

but my dreams sometimes come true.

In one night………

I got this idea from my dream.

I  woke up.

I thought.

I wrote a message that I got from my dream.

“I’m sorry for late. Here are your new tasks.

I’m sure you’ll do these tasks well.

I told your dream to my Mom. 

She said, “You must visit her country one day.

I believe Allah blesses your friendship.”

Oh yes, Fatma baji, I’m always fine. Hope you’re too.”

I checked out my inbox,

nothing message there.

I waited,


She messaged me.

The messages were about the corrections of my posts.

“Is it a dream?”

I asked to myself.

No, those were true messages.

ما شاء ألله

I just dreamed her messages,

then I got hers soon

in my real life.




a dreamer

* I dedicate this post for my great sister and my younger teacher, Niksa

( Moniba, The author of Ordinary girl’s peculiar blog). 

Thank you very much for everything, Niksa! ❤