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The Infinity Dreams Award.

Recently, I was nominated by my beautiful sister, a wonderful blogger  Randombytes, with The Infinity Dreams Award. I don’t know about this award, and I don’t search any information about it. (my internet connection isn’t good, so I can’t search it for long time).

Okay, thank you very much Sister for nominating me, I really appreciate your kindness.

According the rules, I have to mention seven facts about myself and nominate other bloggers. To be honest, I’m worried that you’ll feel bored if I mention the positive things about myself, in this post I’ll tell negative things about myself. So, here I am:

  1. I am a stubborn woman.
  2. I am a sensitive person. (the family and someone who knows me well will call me like that, then please don’t hurt my heart!) LOL
  3. I am lack in making decision.
  4. I can’t control my anger well.
  5. I can’t remember my friends’ faces for long time.
  6. I can’t manage my time effectively.
  7. I am not a style wise woman.

Those are about me!

Now, for nominations, I’ll share it to you all, my friends! Please feel free to accept it! 🙂

I apologize sister, I break the rules, because my internet connection isn’t good, that’s why I can’t visit the other blogs as usual.