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My Thankfulness, My Apologies & My Hopes

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dear my lovely friends and fellow bloggers,

Firstly, I should be grateful to Allah The Almighty for all mercies and blessings those has given to me and my family. Alhamdulillah Allah still gives me the chance to live and make any changes in my life.

A quote of grateful Photo credit: sitipuspasari.blogspot.com
A quote of grateful
Photo credit: sitipuspasari.blogspot.com

Then, allow me to say it to you all. Many thanks to you;

  • For following, visiting, reading, commenting, and correcting my writing,
  • For the beautiful friendships,
  • For your great supports,
  • For re-blogging and sharing my plain posts,
  • And for your nice duas, (You’re really wonderful friends!)

I apologize;

  • For some grammar errors, (I’m very poor in it),
  • For being late visiting your blogs,
  • For my lack response to your comments,
  • For my bad words if these words have hurt your heart,
  • For my crazy ideas of my posts.

I hope;

  • We will be good friends here.
  • You will give the corrections for my poor posts,
  • You will give your opinion if you find something wrong on my post. I would love to receive the ideas from you.

Please feel free to share, to comment, to re-blog and to correct my posts.

The rightness comes from Allah only, and the wrongness comes from me, (Poor Allah’s servant).

May Allah always bless you! Ameen!

The Flashback Of Ishlah 2014

  1. Started blogging on April. I got beautiful lesson about blogging from my beautiful friend (Author of Islamwich, Sis Corbin). Jazakillah khoir my sister. I posted using my own language (Bahasa Indonesia) for the first time.
  2. I soon realized, by using English I can share everything about Islam easily, although my English is not good enough, I have been trying to do it till this time. I am sure little by little, time by time and step by step I will write articles in English well, hopefully! That is true I need times for it. Everything needs process. I am enjoying this process then.
  3. On July, I got two blogger awards. My beautiful sister, Sis Papatia Feauxzar nominated me for these award. I speechless. Ah, I did not know exactly about it. Jazakillah khoir my dear sister! 🙂
  4. August was the sad time for me and for my family. My dad had passed away.“May Allah give him a beautiful life there, and put his soul in nice place, ameen.”  I thought I had to write about him on my blog. I have never written about my parent before, for keeping their privacy. I know my family and I have to continue our lives. Sadness and happiness will come and go away. That is life! Life is too short!
  1. Trough blogging, I have been making beautiful friendships with many beautiful bloggers. Masha’Allah. I am really sure, these friendships are great mercy from Allah. We can share, remind and support each other.

سبحان الله والحمد لله ولا اله الا الله والله اكبر

  1. I made a few collaborations with my awesome sisters [the authors of]:

Besides these, I got some helps from my other sister in editing my articles.

Recently, I received two blogger awards, one was from Sis Saadia Haq, and the left was from Sis Misha bint P. Jazakumullah khoir my dear sisters!

  1. It is my 101st of my posts in the end of this year. Alhamdulillah! I hope I will write more in 2015. Insha’Allah.
  1. By the way, I received the translations of this sentence:


Ich liebe dich für Allah (Germany).


اللہ کے لئے ہے، مجھے تم سے پیار (Urdu).

I will say in my language, “Saya mencintai Anda semua karena Allah.” Insha’Allah. (Bahasa Indonesia)

لا يرحم الله من لا يرحم الناس ، البخاري

Allah does not love those who does not love the mankind. (Al-Bukhori).

My profile pic.
My profile pic.

May Allah make our lives better in the future. Ameen!



السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


Dear Readers and fellow bloggers!

Alhamdulillah, for the fourth times I get the blogger award. Indeed, I had never taught about Awards at all. Just enjoying  in blogging. Well, firstly, I should be grateful to Allah, because every   favor comes from Him. 

My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants. (An-Naml 19)

Secondly, I should be thankful to my lovely sister, Sister Misha bint P who has nominated me for this award. It is a such great honor for me. Jazakillah khoir , Sister.

Readers, you can visit her awesome blog at:


Indeed, you will get beautiful posts from her blog. I have gotten wonderful reminders / advices from that blog. Just visit it!

 Liebster Award Rules: 

1.Thank the person who gave you the Liebster Award nomination and link their blog to your post.
2. Answer the 11 questions they asked you.
3. Nominate 5- 11 bloggers for the award.  The bloggers must have 200 followers or fewer.
4. Now Create 11 questions to ask your nominees.
5. Make sure to let your nominees know you nominated them once you’ve posted about your Liebster Award.
Add the Liebster Award badge to your blog!

1. What inspired you to blog and how has blogging helped you?

Truthfully, I use my blog for English learning . I want to keep my writing activity. Besides that, trough blogging I want to share a little of my Islam knowledge to other. By doing this, I hope I can advise myself, and I hope it will give benefits to other too. This way has helped me a lot in improving my English. I have gotten many beautiful supports  from a few senior bloggers about writing. Alhamdulillah.

2. What is that one wish that you would like to be fulfilled in this dunya?

Actually, I have many. But, if you asked me just one, I will say, I wish I would be a good mother for my son. I hope I can educate him to be a righteous son, and I hope Allah will give me a chance to see my son’s succeed in this dunya.  Hopefully.

3. Is there anything that you’ve been wanting to write about since a long time but haven’t penned it down yet? If yes, then what is it about?

No, there is not. I’m still in learning, so I just enjoying my learning process, except if I were a writer, I would have something to write.

4. What is the one thing/ change that you think will help you come a step closer to Allah (subhanah wa ta’ala)?

There are many things Dear. I think by doing qiyamul lail regularly, it will help me come a step closer to Allah, insha’Allah.

5. Who is that one person you wish to meet in person, but haven’t yet got an opportunity to? (After our Prophet Mohammed (saw)).

After our prophet Muhammad SAW, I want to meet his families, and his sahabahs, in hereafter. If we talk a person in this dunya, I hope I wish to meet my elder sister (my best sister) that I have not met her since 2013. And I want to meet you, Sister and my other sisters from other countries. Insha’Allah. May Allah will accept my duas.

6. What duaa would you make for your neighbour?

May Allah bless their lives entirely, guide them to Allah’s  way always, and make them as strong muslims.

7. Your favourite food?

Batagor Bandung
Batagor Bandung

I love to eat Batagor Bandung. If you want to know this recipe, please click this  link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vboInHOB37M

Yummy. 🙂

8. Your favourite person in family and why?

My parents of course. My beloved Dad had taught me to love reading, writing and the ways to worship Allah. He bequeathed us many Islamic books, some of them were written in Arabic. My Mom is a great person for me. She is a wheel horse. She taught me English since I was kid. So that I love it a lot. Unluckily, I could not practice it well in the past, because my neighbors speak Sunda and Bahasa Indonesia.

9. Would you forgive someone, who has hurt you too much, on the condition of you being his/her neighbour in Jannah? [I recently heard a lecture of Mufti Menk where he told this, and just stayed in my mind. Alhamdulillah]

Of course I would. Insha’Allah, why not?

10. What is the colour you wear the most?

Blue, lol. I love this color  a lot.

11. Who is that one blogger whose blogs you admire the most?

Well, so many Dear! But, someone who has taught me about blogging in the first time was Sis Theresa Corbin, so her blog has inspired my blog too. 

Here are my beautiful nominees:

  1. http://saadiahaq.wordpress.com/
  2. http://frauenundislam.com/
  3. https://ajourneyinajournal.wordpress.com/
  4. http://ordinaryhijabi.wordpress.com/
  5. http://dpressedmuslimah.wordpress.com/
  6. http://randombytesfromlife.wordpress.com/
  7. http://islampeace1.wordpress.com
  8. https://akhymjanja.wordpress.com/
  9. http://zitroneblog.wordpress.de/
  10. http://muslimgirlinlove.com/
  11. http://islamperez.wordpress.com/

Now, please answer my questions below

  1. Why do you love blogging?
  2. What is your primary job?
  3. Have you gotten the benefits from blogging? If yes, please mention 2 of them!
  4. What is your favorite place in your country that you have visited?
  5. Have you ever visited Indonesia?
  6. Do you love nasheed (Islamic music)? Who is your favorite singer (munsheed)?
  7. How do you get the ideas for your blog?
  8. Do you like sport? What is sport do you like?
  9. What place (city in this world) you wish to visit in the future (insha’Allah)? Why?
  10. What is your own language? Please translate this sentence “ I LOVE YOU FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH” into your own language! If you are an English speaker, please retype that sentence!
  11. Do you feel hurt, if someone speaks very badly to you? Would you like to forgive him/her for Allah’s pleasure? Jazakumullah!

I pray to Allah, may Allah always guide us to get His light, and may Allah bless us all. I hope I can meet you someday, my lovely friends (brothers and sisters). Ameen , Insha’Allah!

Jazakumullah khoir for visiting and reading this post!

I always love you all for Allah’s sake, insha’Allah.


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته  يا اخوتي فى الله

In this occasion, I’ll discuss about the ways in controlling our anger. Alhamdulillah I have gotten a few opinions from my wonderful friends and I’ll put theirs here. In this special post I’ll not share my way, because I’m the one who get hurt easy. That’s hard for me to control my anger. So, I’m a learner here. I’ll learn from you, my sisters! InshaÁllah.

This post is the second my collaboration with my beautiful friends. I ever done with Sis Saadia Haq, The author of The Human lens. And now my chance with you. My sisters! It’s not easy to realize it if I only give my plain article then you correct it. I have thought I’ll do my other collaboration when I get an advance level in my English. 😀

Back to our topic, let’s discuss about managing in anger.

“A man said to The Prophet, ‘Give me advice,’ The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘Do not get angry,’ The man asked repeatedly and The Prophet answered each time, ‘Do not get angry.” ( Hadith Bukhori)

Prophet Muhammad SAW knew that if a person controlled his anger he would be able to control everything else. That is why

Let's control our anger!
Let’s control our anger!

The Prophet mentioned in another hadith;

“The powerful man is not the one who can wrestle, but the powerful man is the one who can control himself at the time of anger.” Controlling anger can be an indicator of the streng of one’s personality.

Allah has said in Qurán Kareem surah Al-I Ímran : 134.

اَلَّذِيْنَ يُنْفِقُوْنَ فِى الَّسرَّآءِ  وَالَّضَرَّآءِ وَالْكَظِمِيْنَ الْغَيْظَ وَالْعَافِيْنَ عَنِ النَّاسِ  وَاللهُ يُحِبُّ الْمُحْسِنِيْنَ

Who spend [in the cause of Allah] during ease and hardship and who restrain anger and who pardon the people- and Allah loves the doers of good.

Here are the great opinions/ ways in managing the anger, from my great sisters :

1. Sister Sumaira Zaheer, the author of The Muslimah Mommy

“Whenever I get angry, I start thinking about the people who are less fortunate than I’am; these people are so happy and content with what little they have. With that, I find that my anger reduces.”

2. Sister Theresa Corbin, the author of Islamwich

“Well if someone is making me mad or provoking me I just try to remind myself it is probably because they are hurt or having a difficult time, then I remember that the Prophet SAW said that the strong person is the one who controls himself while angry. This helps me a lot.”

3. Sister Papatia Feauxzar, the author of Between Sister, SVP!

“To be honest I never thought it. I don’t really get angry. And when I am, I just take a time out to think things through. Whether it’s taking a walk or being alone in a room by myself. I’m sorry I can’t help much.”

4. Sister Syamsinur Nur, the author of Indahnya Berbagi.

“When someone made me angry, I prayed to Allah and said I seek refuge in Allah from Shaitan (Satan), the accursed one, in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. Then I left him/her. J

But, I’ll share the article that relevance for this topic.

I ever read the article about motivation  from our Prophet Muhammad SAW, how to control our emotion/ anger.

The first; Seeking refuge in Allah

He has said in his hadith:

لا تغضب ولك الجنة

“Do not get angry , for you a heaven.” (HR. Thabrani in shahih At-Targhib no. 2749)

Sahabah Sulaiman bin Surd radhiyallahu ‘anhu, told:
One day I was sitting with the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. In that time there were two men yelling at each other. One of them had a red face and neck veins peaked. Then the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

إِني لأعلمُ كَلِمَةً لَوْ قالَهَا لذهبَ عنهُ ما يجدُ، لَوْ قالَ: أعوذُ بالله مِنَ الشَّيْطانِ الرَّجيمِ، ذهب عَنْهُ ما يَجدُ

I know a word, the saying of which will cause him to relax, if he does say it. If he says: “I seek Refuge with Allah from Satan” then all his anger will go away.

(HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

When we seek refuge in Allah, we should say the words with understanding and reflection, not simply recite the words.

The second; Keeping quiet.

The Prophet SAW said, “If one of you becomes angry then he should stay silent.” This is an important practice because when we are angry our action and speech may be disproportionate and unjust.

From Ibn Abbas radi ‘anhuma, the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam said

“If you are angry, be quiet.” (HR. Ahmad and Shu’aib al-Hasan Arnauth )

A bad speech, excessive reproach, cursed destiny, etc., can be accounted by Allah as  sins.

وَيْلُ لِّكُلِّ هُمَزَةٍ لُّمَزَةٍ

“Woe to every scorner and mocker”

 Third, Changing your posture.

The tendency of people who gets angry is standing in higher position, higher and higher … The more followed, he increasingly wanted higher. With a higher position, he can vent his anger as much.

Therefore, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam advise to do the opposite. To mitigate the anger is  by taking a lower position, lower and lower. From Abu Dhar radiyallahu ‘anhu, the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam advised;

“When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down” (HR. Ahmad 21 348, Abu Dawud 4782).

The last, perform ablution or wudu immediately.

Anger comes from the devils and they were created from fire. Extinguish it with cold water.

There is a hadith from Urwah al-Sa’di radiyallahu ‘anhu, he said,

إن الغضب من الشيطان وإن الشيطان خلق من النار وإنما تطفأ النار بالماء فإذا غضب أحدكم فليتوضأ

Anger comes from the devil, the devil was created from fire, and fire is extinguished only with water. So when one of you becomes angry, he should make wudu (HR. Ahmad 17 985 and Abu Daud).”

Indeed the great ways, that I ever gotten. Jazakumullah khoiron katsiiron my sisters. You have taught me over your ways. Allah bless you all!

Only Allah who can reward you with the best reward.

From another source I ever read about these:

Praiseworthy anger:

Sometimes anger can be good. The Prophet never got angry except when the commandments of Allah were violated. However, if we do fee anger for the sake of Allah, we should make sure that we are not actually getting angry for our own ego or interests, we should express the anger in the right way. Just because the anger is for the right cause does not give anyone license behave badly. There should also be some benefits in the anger.

Harmful Effects of Getting Angry:

There are many harmful effects of getting angry. These effects can harm us physically, socially or emotionally. It is well known today that the anger causes many health problems and can be a symptom or cause of mental illness, especially if not controlled. There are wisdom behimd shariah injunctions and improving overall well being is  one of the many benefits of controlling anger.

*To everyone who reads this post, you can share your ways too here. I always love every ideas, or corrections that come from you all. Truly! ❤


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dear my wonderful friends,

Well, this time I want to share good quotes of writing. For me, I really need theses quotes, to motivate myself in writing activity. I’m just someone who love writing a lot. I’m  in  progress to be a writer, a good rewriter like you all my friends. I’m sure I can! InshaÁllah. 🙂

Here are the beautiful quotes of writing:

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