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Bad Habits During Ramadhan

Have a blessed Ramadhan to all Moslems readers!

Talking about Ramadhan, I noticed a few bad habits during this month. I won’t say the name of the people to avoid ghibah, so I just write it generally taken from my old experiences (especially when I was child) and  captured from others.

  • Become shopaholic

Buying and collecting many foods for ifthar and suhoor. 🙂  People buy everything that they don’t really need.

Alhamdulillah, I can avoid it. The key is, I usually make shopping list and only buy what I really need.

  • Become greedy when ifthar 

When I was child, I was like that, 😀  One day,  I collected many fruits those taken from garden. My parents asked me, “Are you sure you’ll eat all of these fruits?”   I said, “Yes, I’ll!   I ate everything till overly full. 😀

And now, I try to follow the rules of eating according our prophet.  He explained, that 1/3 for eating, 1/3 for drinking and 1/3 for breathing. Don’t eat too much!   🙂

  • Sleeping all the day.

We can understand we  feel very sleepy when we woke up in early night. It’s okay if we take a nap for some minutes. But, I’ve seen the people slept too much, more than 5 hours in a day.

Ramadhan is time for charging ourselves become better Moslems. We should be more productive in this month, then we continue in next months.

  • Playing fire cracker.

That’s something I don’t like to hear. I don’t understand why many men and children like to play fire cracker. What’s the benefits of it? What’s the interesting of it. It annoy us!

I’m so grateful that my son doesn’t like to play it. He said, if I bought it, so I have wasted my money.

The last, let’s try to avoid those bad habits, and pray to our Lord, may Allah guide us to His way and accept our fasting. Ameen.

Do the best!


*Ifthar (or Fatoor) is the evening meal.

Suhoor is pre-dawn meal.

Sharing The Ways of Memorizing Qur’an

Alhamdulillah, I’ve finished my work at hand lettering. Unfortunately I can’t post it this time, I can’t capture those pics in the night. Insha’Allah tomorrow I’ll share them here. 🙂


This night (here’s 9:8 pm) I’ll share about my ways in memorizing Qur’an as I’ve said to you in my previous post “Let’s fulfill our hearts with Qur’an.”

  • Make goals. How many juz we want to memorize Qur’an.
  • Pray to Allah to give ease in memorization.
  • I use special Qur’an for memorization.
This’s special Qur’an for memorization.

It’s contain 6 books inside. Every book is 5 juzs.

Qur’an itself consists of 30 juzs, 114 surahs and 6.666 verses. Alhamdulillah, many Muslims can memorize Qur’an completely with Allah’s help.

There’re 6 books in a box.



It’s special, because inside book there’re panels for the beginning of every verses and a paper for closing the verses. Firstly, we memorize the verses by reading them and after that we try memorize with seeing the beginning of every verse only.




  • One day one verse. But we can memorize 5 verses or more.
  • Repeat…repeat…and repeat again.
  • Practice our memorization in every our prayer (sholat).
  • I also use Qur’an MP3 player for repeating.

I share these ways for Muslims readers. If you have another tips, please don’t feel hesitate to share. May Allah give us ease to memorize Qur’an completely. Ameen! 

We memorize Qur’an for the intention of Allah.

Jazakumullah khoiron for reading it!











Finally I Got My Style!

Two years ago, I started blog.  Since that time, I’ve written many posts with various style. I always find and find my writing style.

I learnt from some bloggers about writing, English and other things. Alhamdulillah, as long as I live here (do blogging) I’ve gotten a lot of knowledge, supports and experiences.

A million thanks to everyone who has helped me and made me grow. Luv U a lot!

While doing writing activity, I tried another hobbies, also in writing, hand writing this art is called. First, I fell in love with graffiti. I downloaded some applications and learnt by myself with reading the tutorials and practiced them. The weakness of me is, I always fell in love with the beautiful fonts. I admire the people who can make beautiful fonts. Then, I fall in love with hand lettering art design.

A friend of mine said (Sis SB, thank you for your great suggestion. Oh yes, sorry I put your opinion here, if you do mind please message me and I’ll cut it off).

“You can do anything you want when it comes to art, as long as you put your heart into it. I think you can even write your thoughts by hand and post the photo. That is going to look really cute.”

Alhamdulillah, finally I get my writing style (hand lettering art design).

I’ll add my images to every post to describe my writing.

Perhaps I’ll make quotes and post into my blog. But, it doesn’t mean I’ll leave other writing style. Sometimes, I’ll post about stories, simple poems or only short posts. That’s according my desires. I’ll write what I wanna write.   🙂