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Hand Prints On the Wall

Hand Prints On the Wall
(Author Unknown)

One day as I was picking
the toys up off the floor,
I noticed a small hand print
on the wall beside the door.
I knew that it was something
that I’d seen most every day,
but this time when I saw it there
I wanted it to stay.
Then tears welled up inside my eyes,
I knew it wouldn’t last
for every mother knows
her children grow up way too fast.
Just then I put my chores aside
and held my children tight.
I sang to them sweet lullabies
and rocked into the night.
Sometimes we take for granted,
all those things that seem so small.
Like one of God’s great treasures…
A small hand print on the wall.

I found the poem above from a book of Stories by Unknown Author. My eyes captured a beautiful title of the poems, “Hand Prints On the Wall,” then I decided to share it. As a mother I have the same feeling with that author. I saw my son grows up way too fast.

My (baby) is 6 years old now, and he will start his studies this year. Alhamdulillah! I’m glad with this fact that he will learn more of life. I imagined about his future life, 6 years in Elementary School, 3 years in Junior High School, 3 years in Senior High School then he will continue his studies to University or college. Oh, masha’Allah he will be a young man. It very…very fast. If Allah gives us more chances to live in this world, I’ll see my son in another person. He will start a new life as a husband and father. Allahu Rabb! I’ll miss his childhood. I dreamed about his future.

And now I see him still a boy, an active boy. I am a witness of his activities. When he was 2, he liked to write everything in every material, floor, wall, cupboard, boxes, doors, and in my clothes. LOL! I gave him some books, whiteboard, pens and felt-tip marker. He writes and draws most every day. And as he was 3, he loved to play mud, and lied on it. I let him to play mud, because I knew he learned something from mud, and ground. I took his pictures when he played with it, I’ll show him, tell him about his childhood in 12 years later. Insha’Allah! I want to know his reaction about himself. It’d be a great event next!

Kaka was playing mud, and he enjoyed it a lot. LOL!
Kaka was playing mud, and he enjoyed it a lot. LOL!
Kaka was being examined in reading IQRA' by Ustadz.
Kaka was being examined in reading IQRA’ by Ustadz.

In my opinion, every mother will miss the childhood of her children. So, let’s play with them and be a witness of their wonderful childhood.

Again, They Asked Me About Allah!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

بارك الله فيكم


I often get the questions from my son and his cousin about Allah. And we often discuss various topics almost every day. The questions about Allah are the hardest to answer. I always think how to explain it to them simply and clearly. The children usually use their imaginations to describe their Lord. Here are the questions from them:

Who is Allah?

I answered with surah Al-ikhlas. Say, “He is Allah, (who) is One. Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born. Nor is there to Him any equivalent.” So, Allah is our Lord.

Is He like us?

I compared with the things around us, such as chair, house, computer, phone and etc. I asked them, “Who made this chair? They answered, “Human.” Is the maker of chair like this?” They responded, “Ha..ha..ha, the maker isn’t same with his made.” So is Allah! If He is like us, so He is human not God.

Does He sleep?

I used surat Al-Baqoroh 255 to answer it. “Allah – there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep……………….” If Allah sleeps like us, so He is not God. Remember, Allah isn’t a human. He doesn’t need food, sleep and anything that we need.

How big is He?

I compared again with other creations, such as earth, the biggest planet, sun, then the biggest star, then I asked them, you can imagine how big sun is, how large this universe is, and let’s say, “Allah The Greatest.” Allahu Akbar!!

Can we see Him?

We can’t see Him. But, Allah sees us and sees all of things, even the bacteria.

Does He hear our prayers?

Absolutely, he hears all our prayers. He hears what we said in our hearts. We’re his creations, and it’s the very simple thing for Him.

Who is the stronger, Allah or Ghost?

Ghost? Do you believe the presence of ghost? If you’ve ever seen ghost, so he is from jinn who has transformed become ghost. Jinn is Allah’s creation too. Jinn has same duty with us, to worship Allah alone.

Ohhhh, then Allah is the strongest?

Those are the questions from them. I must ready to answer their next questions. Hem, I have to read Qur’an and books as my references.



PS: Dear friends, if you have other answers about this topic, please share with me. Have you ever received such questions?

When are They going to do Prayer?


Last week, there was a guest to our home. She was a friend of my mother. She came for sewing.
She and my mother talked each other while Kaka and his cousin were playing toy cars outside.

A short time later, we heard a dzuhur praying call. Kaka and Ade ran to the bathroom for taking ablution, while the adult were enjoying their talk. After took ablution, they reminded me too, “Mom, please take ablution, remember we must pray on time.” I said, “Sure, I was waiting you and now my turn to take ablution. Do prayer well, don’t too fast! Okay!”

Twenty minutes later, they saw the guest is still talking. They asked each other, “When are they going to do prayer? It was too late. Did they hear adzan (praying call)?” Their grandmother and her guest heard the questions from those kids, they smiled at the boys and said, “Yes we must cut our talk and thank you for the reminder. You’re both pious kids! Masha’Allah!” The boys smiled too, and talked about that to me.

The guest said to me, “I feel embarrass with these two boys! How can they do prayer on time?”

We didn’t force them to pray on time. We have said to them about the time of prayers, and Allah will love to the Muslims who always pray on time. Firstly, they did it since their ages 5 (Kaka) and 4 (Ade). They had a special time for watching their favorite film and its time after dzuhur prayer. They wanted to watch that film freely, so they decided to pray first before watching a movie. Since that, it was became their habits, and till now, they always pray on time, especially dzuhur. It was the story about them. Alhamdulillah, they’re like a live alarm for us. I’m really sure, they have been guided by Allah to love Islam and its precept. We, as adult have to give them a good example. We must do what we’ve talked and asked to the kids because they’ll protest us, when they see us ignored our saying.

Where Has Her Husband Gone?


Where has her husband gone?

When the wife was sad

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife worked hard to finance
The need of whole family

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife educated and taught
The children at home

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife had problems

Does she have husband?
Yes, she has husband.
But, she is like a widow
Facing the hardships alone

So, where has her husband gone?

Simple Tips to Improve Our Self-Confidence

السلام  عليكم  ورحمة الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم




Just share our (poor) experiences!

I was a shy, so were my younger sister and my son. Alhamdulillah, by doing selling activity we could remove this bad character. I started to change it in Islamic Boarding School, while my younger sister did it in Junior High School.

Here are the ways:

  1. Training speech. (1998-2002)

When I was a student at Islamic School, I followed this activity twice in a week. We used Arabic, English and Bahasa Indonesia. But, after finished my school, I didn’t practice Arabic and English at all. It was about 12 years after that, I had forgotten these languages.

Talking about speech, I had ever delivered a speech in front of 5000 audiences (2010).  It was a speech competition, inter Islamic Boarding School. I was nervous, but I did it! Alhamdulillah.


  1. Training of Leadership and management. (2001)

I got this training also in Islamic School. This training was special program for the students of fifth grade. They were prepared to be boarding-school managers. They had hard duties, to manage everything; such as worship, environment, language discipline, court, art, and so on. They were like city managers.


  1. Discussion or debate. (1998-2002)

These were the routine agendas those I followed in school.

  1. Teaching activity. (In 2007-2013, I was a teacher at Islamic Elementary School)

I had made many memories in this section. First time, I got the problem in teaching, anyhow I had gotten the teaching experience in my university. I couldn’t manage the students well. They were so noisy, and didn’t pay good attention at me. I was upset. In the first day, I left them alone. I thought, being teacher needs extra patience.  Time by time, I could enjoy my profession as teacher. Alhamdulillah.  I love my students, and so did they.


  1. Selling activity (2006)

I had ever become a shopkeeper at my uncle’s shop for six month before teaching. In my opinion, it is the best way to improve our self-confidence.

My younger sister has done it. She usually sells breads as the product of her school. She really enjoyed this. She did sell well. And now, she is an active student in her university.

I’m a seller now. It has influenced to my son character. He isn’t shy to communicate to my consumers and serves them. He said to me that he liked this activity. He’s an active boy. I saw, he has changed! Alhamdulillah!

Indeed, we have proven! I’d love to hear about your experience in improving self confidence!

A Nice Discussion with Two Boys!

السلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم


The day before yesterday, after prayed Maghrib, my son Kaka informed me about Ade’s prayer.
“Mom, Ade prayed maghrib 4 rokaat. Prayer maghrib is 3 rokaat, right?”

“Yes, 3! Oh,he might forget to count its rokaat.” Said I and smiled at him.

“De, why you prayed 4 rokaat, did you forget its rokaat?” asked Kaka to Ade.

Ade didn’t answer, he was shy of Kaka.  I tried to explain and to clear the problem. “I think he forgot, right Ade?”

Ade said, “Yes!”

“I got it, now!”

Kaka said again, “I’m sure syaithan had disturbed Ade while his prayer, till Ade forgot its rokaat. You must against syaithan. Syaithan is our enemy, isn’t he?”

“Exactly, we should against syaithan. Yes, it’s true he always disturb us in every good thing. Hey, I had ever prayed with many tasyahud, hehe and you had reminded your mom. I was shy.”

“Yes, I do remember it. It means Syaithan had disturbed you too, Mom.” Said Kaka then laughed loudly.

“Please tell us about syaithans, why do they like to disturb us? We don’t disturb them.” asked Kaka and Ade.

I told them that the leader of syaithan is Iblees. I explained the character of Iblees base on Surah Al-Baqoroh :34 and 36.

“Since that Iblees and his followers will disturb the children of Adam. They will work hard to whisper into the breasts of mankind. Syaithan is from the jinn and mankind. So Iblees thought, he was better than Adam. Allah has created him from fire, and Allah created Adam from the clown.”

“How to fight syaithan, is there dua for it?”

“Mom, do tell about Abrahah and Ababil again?” said Ade to me. He called me Mom too.
“Ade, I’ll tell about Abrahah next time okay, now I’ll answer Kaka first. Do read bismillah before doing something. Ask help to Allah by reading ta’awudz a’udzubillahi minasyaithoni rojiim. Besides these ways, there are special duas for it, reading ayat kursy, and another duas. If we read Qur’an well, insha’Allah Allah will help us.”

“Teach us the duas!”

I taught Kaka and Ade, duas from surah Al- Mu’minun.

وَقُل رَّبِّ أَعُوْذُبِكَ مِنْ هَمَزَاتِ الشَّيَاطِيْنِ

وَأَعُوذُبِكَ رَبِّ أَنْ يَحْضُرُوْنِ

“And say, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the incitements of the devils. And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they be present with me.” [Al-Mu’minun:97-98]

They repeated what I said word by word diligently. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah they have known their enemies.

“Do you understand what I explained to you just now?” I asked them to know their response.

“We do!”

“Oh, okay now let’s read Iqra and memorize An-Nabaa again!”


“O Allah, guide them both to your right path always along their lives. Make them both as righteous Muslim. Ameen”


السلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم

We are children (Kaka n Ade)
We are children (Kaka n Ade)


Playing is our hobby



We don’t know about




We don’t understand about

Time management



We love to talk more



We like to make noisy



We can’t do something





We need times to understand

Our parent’s orders



We want to enjoy

Our childhood




And we are so proud

To be children



We would love to say




Nails in the Fence

By: Author Unknown

ألسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم


Nails in the Fence.
Nails in the Fence.

There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence.

The first day, the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence.

Finally the day came when the boy didn’t lose his temper at all, he told to his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finnaly able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.

The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said, “You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one.

You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won’t matter how many times you say “I’m sorry, the wound is still there.”
The little boy then understand how powerful his words were. He looked up at his father and said, “I hope you can forgive me father for the holes I put in you.”
“Of course I can,” said the father.

Please see my other post about “How to Control Our Anger.”

I’d say to you my lovely friends (brothers n sisters) “I hope you can forgive me for the holes I put in you.”

Jazakumullah khoir  for everything !


Why Men Don’t Wear Hijab?

Assalamu’alaikum my lovely friends,
One day, I got funny questions from my son.
“May I wear hijab?”
“He..he, no Dear! You are a boy.”
He asked me again, “Why men don’t wear hijab?”
I smiled widely at him, “Hijab is only for Muslimah, like your Mom, your aunt, and your grandma.”
“Oh I see, but I saw men wear hijab.” He gave his opinion.
“Where did you see them?”
“On nasheed videos.” said Kaka.
“They don’t wear hijab, but Gutra. The Arabian men usually wear it on their heads. Physically men and women are different, so that our awrah. Allah has ordered all Muslima to cover their hairs. We are forbidden to show our hairs to the foreigners, except our family. (I don’t explain about mahram and non mahram for this time. I’ll explain it to him in next time).
“Do you understand, Dear?”
“Yes, Mom!”answered him.
“Do you still wanna wear hijab, he…he?”
“Hahaha…of course not! I’M A BOY!!”

{I dunno what his questions next! I’ve to read a lot to answer his questions.😊}

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

Let’s Improve Our Children’s Talents!

السلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم  جميعا طول  حياتك، أمين

In this occasion, I will write and discuss about “Talent” especially about “Improving our children’s talents.”  I’m sure our children have an unique talent or maybe multi talents. This is such a great favor from our Lord.  But, the problems are;

  1. How to find the talent of our children?
  2. How to improve the talents of our children?

Here, I’ll share a little of my experience in improving my son’s talent. Actually, I have seen a few talents of my son. He loves drawing, math, language, and repaired his toy cars. I see, he loves drawing a lot than others. He uses much time for drawing every day. He enjoys this activity much. We made an agreement about his learning. I have ever said to him, “If you are ready for reading, just tell me, okay! You can finish your drawing first! I know, you’re enjoying drawing a lot.”  He replied, “Okay Mom! I know that! Don’t worry!”

Suddenly, I remember to the members of my big family. Some of them are good at drawing. My grandma’s brothers, my uncles, my younger brother, and Kaka’s uncle are very good at drawing. Kaka’s father too is good at drawing. I love drawing too, but just a hobby, not good at all. Unluckily, they don’t improve their talents well, only one (Kaka’s uncle whose name Ivan Fauzi Ridwan)   who improves his talent well. He often becomes a winner in many competitions, such as drawing and Islamic calligraphy competition.

That’s a little about my family. Now, I’ll try to response the questions above.

  1. How to find the talent of our children?

I asked my son about his hobby. Then, I pay my attention at his hobby. As I said before, he has many hobbies, but he said that he loves drawing a lot. I see his drawing that he has made. I asked about his pictures. He explained his drawing fervently. He showed them to me, then asked, “What do you think about my drawing, Mom?” Yes, till this time, I agree with him, his talent is drawing, he loves it a lot, he enjoys his activity, and he has ability at it. Alhamdulillah!

Kaka loves drawing so much.
Kaka loves drawing so much.
  1. How to improve the talents of our children?

Base on my experience, I have been doing these things to my son:

  • Support our children personally nicely and warmly.
  • Giving the suitable material/ tools for improving their talents. (I gave a few drawing tools, and he can choose the tutorial drawing book at bookstore).
  • Download some applications for phone and PC, so our children can learn more from many sources. (I have downloaded “Paint Cars”, “How to draw Manga”, and another applications.
  • Giving good attention at their talents, I meant not stop when they are enjoying their activities. If we want to talk with them, use nice speech and never force them to do something according our desire. We can make agreements here. I have done it.
  • Making a lot of prayers for our children. May Allah make their lives easy, and may their talents can give many advantages for themselves and this ummah.

The following are Kaka’s drawing:


"Probe" in Boboiboy movie. :)
“Probe” in Boboiboy movie.
Boboiboy n friends. he..he
Boboiboy n friends. he..he
Dino's family.
Dino’s family.
Kaka use "Paint" in PC. A boy is playing a kite on the roof in the evening, LOL!
Kaka use “Paint” in PC.
A boy is playing a kite on the roof in the evening, LOL!
He drew like this, when he didn't get ideas.
He drew like this, when he didn’t get ideas.

That’s all I can share about improving our children talents. If you have any ideas or experiences, you may share here! I believe in you my dear friends, you have great experience about talent.

Jzakumullah for reading it! 🙂