Hand Lettering (9)

“……My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do the righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants.” An-Naml: 19


I thought that I must put the du’a (prayer  of Prophet Solomon) above before I post something here. Every good things what I have gotten now are really from Allah, and I must use them for something good too.

Now, I’ll share my images as usual. I wrote the quote about hand lettering from Kate Moross. And I completely agree with her thought.

Kate Moross.
Kate Moross.


Kate Morros said, "No matter how digital our lives become, hand rendered reminds us of our humanity."
Kate Moross said, “No matter how digital our lives become, hand rendered type reminds us of our humanity.”

Before you correct the written in that image, I’ll correct first, “becomes” it should be “become”  the word “remind” should be followed by “s”  and “Morross” –> “Moross.” 😀

Yeah, I wrote down the quote so fast!

Thank you very much for viewing!

C U!

15 thoughts on “Hand Lettering (9)”

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yeah I like to draw new image of letters. I hope so! I’ll manage my vacations as good as I can. Hope you too, Sister! 😊 Have fun in your paintings!

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    1. Jazakillah khairan for your support, Sister! I’ve learned about Arabic calighraphy too when I studied at Islamic boarding school. It’s more difficult than hand lettering. We’ve to know the rules of writing the Arabic letters. There are naskhi, tsulusi n etc. For now I will master hand lettering first. My cousin has good ability at it, because he took some courses n just finished his study at calighraphy school. How about you, sister? Are you interested in Arabic calighraphy? 😊


    1. I need less than an hour actually, but sometimes my son asked my attention too, he… he. About font, I have my font, n I’ll share in next post after hand lettering (10). Thank you very much for visiting n nice comment, my friend. 😊 Do you want to try to play with letters n colors? 😀

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        1. If you wanna try to make it, just practice then. I’ve ever read good advice like this, “you can read the tutorial all the day, but you can improve by doing. ” I’m not good either. 😊

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