Sharing The Ways of Memorizing Qur’an

Alhamdulillah, I’ve finished my work at hand lettering. Unfortunately I can’t post it this time, I can’t capture those pics in the night. Insha’Allah tomorrow I’ll share them here. 🙂


This night (here’s 9:8 pm) I’ll share about my ways in memorizing Qur’an as I’ve said to you in my previous post “Let’s fulfill our hearts with Qur’an.”

  • Make goals. How many juz we want to memorize Qur’an.
  • Pray to Allah to give ease in memorization.
  • I use special Qur’an for memorization.
This’s special Qur’an for memorization.

It’s contain 6 books inside. Every book is 5 juzs.

Qur’an itself consists of 30 juzs, 114 surahs and 6.666 verses. Alhamdulillah, many Muslims can memorize Qur’an completely with Allah’s help.

There’re 6 books in a box.



It’s special, because inside book there’re panels for the beginning of every verses and a paper for closing the verses. Firstly, we memorize the verses by reading them and after that we try memorize with seeing the beginning of every verse only.




  • One day one verse. But we can memorize 5 verses or more.
  • Repeat…repeat…and repeat again.
  • Practice our memorization in every our prayer (sholat).
  • I also use Qur’an MP3 player for repeating.

I share these ways for Muslims readers. If you have another tips, please don’t feel hesitate to share. May Allah give us ease to memorize Qur’an completely. Ameen! 

We memorize Qur’an for the intention of Allah.

Jazakumullah khoiron for reading it!











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