Hand Lettering (1)

WordPress is my second home

I felt that I must say “WordPress is my second home,”  after my real home. Here, I got many awesome bloggers, friends, and sisters.

I always get supports from you all. You’re my family here! It’s our home.

In this month (also it’s Ramadhan) I get my vacations, so I’ll force myself to keep blogging. Posting everyday, why not?! Insha’Allah I’ll do.

Every child has right to play, learn n grow together.

Thanks for viewing my poor pics! I’m not an expert, only someone who loves art so much.   🙂

© Fatmawaty

11 thoughts on “Hand Lettering (1)”

  1. oh my goodnes!!those drawings are sooo fabulous!!I wish i could draw as well as you, unfortunately, my artwork looks like someone chewed a drawing, then vommited on paper:(xx

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