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Let’s Fulfill Our Hearts With Qur’an

Let’s fulfill our hearts with Qur’an

I’m so excited to memorize Qur’an in this Ramadhan.  I believe in Allah that He’ll help me and all Muslims in memorizing this Holy Book.

Next,  I’ll share my ways in memorizing Qur’an.  Insha’Allah.
Thank you for reading and viewing my short post.




I'm a teacher in Islamic Elementary School. Hand lettering is my new hobby, but I like it so much. Here, I wanna master it n all the genre of my writing.

23 thoughts on “Let’s Fulfill Our Hearts With Qur’an

  1. ramadan mubarak!!sorry been inacive for exams and stuff:) nearly over soon, so hoping to fin memorizing current juzz:)im so slow tho:)then i just keep forgetting:(how bout u?xxx

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    1. Ramadhan Mubarak to you too, dear. I got Ya! Alhamdulillah I’ve gotten my vacation since the beginning of June. So I’m trying to keep blogging. And here I’m!! I’ve changed my blog name, my profile pic n so on. 😊 thank you for visiting.

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      1. Ohh, thats great!!same here, im using it as a way to pass time so i don’t thin of food, cos even if im not hungry, im like empty, and like i dont like that feeling so like, i always look for distractions:)and, i love visiting, i just couldnt cos ive always got exams:(

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