Where Can I Find The Honesty?

Honesty is a scarce thing in my country.

Where can I find the honesty?
Nowadays,  I don’t find it at  schools, at campus, at police offices,at hospitals, at public markets, even at some religious places.
It’s awkward!

“The honesty ” is very difficult to find in exams especially in national examinations.
It’s shameful!

That’s the root of this problem!
The Indonesian Government should change the system of the national education.  Change the purpose of national exams,  and the main thing is to change the purpose of national education.

The system makes the students learn only for getting the high result.  Some of them did bad ways doing the tests. And I’ve seen with my eyes the teachers help the students correcting their answers. I can’t believe it, but it was true.

I don’t have power to change the system and I don’t have the authority to reform it. What I can do is to suggest and to teach the students about honesty, I’ll do it to all my students and my son. I won’t support deceitfulness in anything and I’ll against it as I can do, with my words and my action.

It’s the darkness in Indonesian education. I hope it will be better in the future.

Back to my question above, “Where can I find the honesty?”

Should I go to the jungle to find it? If I found it there , I’ll share it to the students, teachers, the headmasters and to my government.

To all stakeholders especially in education, please correct the system and manage it well. Do the best to get good quality in education.

And to all the students where ever you are, please study hard and do every tests squarely. Do smart and do the best for your study!


There was little problem with this post, I edited it more than twice, alhamdulillah I’ve fixed it. 

Would love to hear about your experience in exam when you were students. Please share with us here!

Thank you for reading!



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