National Examinations For Elementary School

This week is a busy week for students and teachers in Elementary Schools. They just faced the final exam/ national exam (16th-18th may). I was chosen as one of the supervisors at my school. My friends and I had duty to supervise in other school. It isn’t far from ours.

We suggested the students to do the test honestly and carefully.  They were nice students. During the exams, while supervising them I observed their classes. I saw many pictures hanging on the wall. Those were painted by the students. Masya Allah. They have good ability at drawing.

In the last day, I met the student who has good talent at drawing. I talked with her and her friends. She’s a smart student too.

Alhamdulillah, a nice experience that I got there.

Here are the pictures of them, the students of class six in SDN Bojong Koneng Cibadak, Sukabumi.

The first day, Mr Mulki and I supervised in the 2nd room.


The second day, in the 3rd room






The last day, in the 1st room


I got it from Rival. His graffiti is awesome.
And this from Medy.


Thanks my little friends!

© Fatmawaty

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