IDEA “I Love Graffiti Art, I’m learning it now.”

Fresh air and
Lovely birds song
have given me the inspiration
in writing, in drawing,
I’ll share them in here
in my other lovely home
WordPress. Com    


ايفا فطمواتي ©

7 thoughts on “Inspiration”

    1. Thank you, Sister! When I was young I liked to modify the letters, but I didn’t know its technique. Today I learn it with its technique. Graffiti makes me so fresh. I play with colors, next when I get better at it, I’ll try other medias. I’ll use it to complete my writing. 😊 Do it again, sister! I’m not young anymore, but I do love it!! 😀

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      1. Art knows no age so anytime we can get practice it again. As for me I will do it again in sh Allah. Art makes me feel afresh too, it is another way for me to get rid of bad emotions.


    1. Thank you, sister! Yes, I do love learning. I thought that I have to try other activities to refresh my brain. I learn graffiti, it doesn’t mean I leave my writing activity.
      Wallahu yubaarik fiik.
      Oh yeah I just made other site special for graffiti. 😊

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