Just for Fun!


I drew my blog name just for fun. It was nice when I could express my feeling with words or just simple pic.

ايفا فطمواتي©

4 thoughts on “Just for Fun!”

  1. Individual and Society

    I believe in the formula that differentiates the possible and the impossible. At the individual level you can think and do what you want to, as there is no one to prevent you from doing so. But when it comes to the society or state, there are two parties: one is you and the second comprises those who make up the society. Thus, if you want to follow the ideal in your individual life, you can do so without facing any obstacle. But if you try to change the society or state, that is bound to create confrontation with others. In this sense, imposing a particular ideal on society is impossible. Because although you seek to establish an ideal system, the result would be conflict and violence. Therefore, if you want to opt for change in society or state, then you are involving yourself in an impossible endeavour. To make social change a reality, social will is necessary. If society is not willing to accept the change, you cannot enforce or implement your system on it, because that would lead to opposition and conflict. If you want society to change, you will first have to create social will in favour of your system through peacefully educating people. If there is no social will to accept your system, then practical change cannot be brought about at all.

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    1. Awesome thought n suggestions, thank you very much for that, Brother.
      I’ll explain here. My first step is I must change myself to be better. I do know the obstacles if I wanted to change global society is hard. So that, I start from small societies, from my family then school. In family especially for my son, I invite him with good example, n I do it in front of my students too. Advise them wisely n show them about good manner.
      I’ve read about this opinion ” all Muslims are da’i (caller to Allah). We are asked to spread the messages of Allah to the people. Allah will see our efforts not our results. We are asked to be better in this life. I can’t change the world, what I can do is inviting the people to be better. I don’t have authority or power to make them to follow me. Here in this blog, my main mission are “I make myself better. N I hope what I’ve written here can give benefits to others too. We do da’wah according our abilities, through speaking, writing n other way. One again I can’t change the large societies easily . But I try this motto, “start from ourselves , start from little things n do it right now!
      Thanks again, for your nice comment!

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