Suggestion for Me…

If I thought more

about the topic

I couldn’t write anything

only saving the ideas

in my brain.

When I wrote down

after getting the ideas

my fingers could dance

nicely on the keyboard

and the words flow fast


don’t think too much about your writing

just write …

write… and write!

Suggestion for Me!

16 thoughts on “Suggestion for Me…”

      1. Same here 🙂 But it’s always nice to write something even though you don’t do it daily. At least you make a great effort to write anything nice at all.. What matters is you write with your heart 🙂 but good job…. Good luck to you, dear friend 😀

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  1. i think there are so many things to write about. it could be your, your kids, your experience, anything 🙂 although for you it might unimportant, it is fun for other people to read your experience 😀

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