Life is Busy

I wake up before dawn

worshiping my Lord,



playing or doing something with family


sleeping   😀

Do you?!!

I ask myself;

will you give your time for your Lord?

will you give your time for Islam?

will you give your time for your friends?

and will you give your time for blogging as usual?

will you…?

will you…?

will you…?

My life is busy!

How about you?!!


Note: Based on true experience. Some days ago, I met a mother (an old woman) and she stays at home. She has two sons, and they work in other city. That woman said to me, I’m bored because there’s nothing to do. I want to find job, but my sons has forbidden me to work.

I compared my life with hers, “my life is so busy!”

I really hope, in the future I still can do something good for my life and others. Perhaps, I’ll write everyday.   😀


14 thoughts on “Life is Busy”

  1. If I were that lady, I would read a lot of novels, I would read islam books and dig some knowledge about it, I would plant some flowers, I might write also, I would try to cook different and unique dishes. I think there are so many things to do 😀

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  2. Like the woman you talked about I also want to work. Maybe once my son goes to school I’ll be able to do that. There are some women who love staying at home, there are others who love to be busy in work or go everywhere lol.

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    1. Insha’Allah you’ll be able to find jobs next. For now, I hope you’re enjoying your time at home. Being a great mother is a great job, indeed!
      If I have to choose, I’d love to stay at home.
      Thank you for your nice comment, sis!

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  3. life is deed, energy, wisdom, movement and joy. I’m 65 now and bed bound due to double fracture in my foot so get frenzy if no one comes to see me any day. We need company, communication to feel we are wanted.Stillness is death. thank you for sharing. missed you and your beautiful write ups
    wishing you peace, light and blessings ameen

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    1. Thank you for your opinion about life Madam. I’m so sorry to hear about you, Madam. May Allah give you health, peace n blessings too, Ameen. I thank you for your prayers, you’re all heart. Thanks also for missing me, I missed you too. Btw, I’m 37 now.

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