ENGLISH words with ARABIC origin: Final List 5

I’ve ever read that Arabic is a rich language. My language (Bahasa Indonesia) also absorb many words from Arabic. Such as lampu (lamp) in Arabic is lambatun. لمبة
You may find some in this blog.

The FUTURE of Learning


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I have never been so amazed at how many words comes from Arabic origin. Let’s look at a few right here. (Taken directly from Wikipedia I’m afraid)


التنّ al-tunn, tunafish. The standard etymology report is: Ancient Greek and classical Latin thunnus = “tunafish” -> medieval Arabic al-tunn (or al-tūn) -> medieval Spanish atún -> colloquial American Spanish tuna -> late 19th century California tuna -> international English. Note: Modern Italian tonno, French thon, and Englishtunny, each meaning tuna, are descended from the classical Latin without an Arabic intermediary. Note: Isidore of Seville (died 636, lived in southern Spain) spelled it thynnus in Latin, where the Latin letter ‘y’ in Isidore’s case was likely pronounced “eu”, roughly like in British “tuna”, which was roughly how the letter ‘y’ was pronounced in classical Latin.[20] Note: The word was common…

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7 thoughts on “ENGLISH words with ARABIC origin: Final List 5”

  1. Hi!!!
    Congratulations, and you have been nominated for the black cat blue sea award, well done, and i hope you have fun doing it!!
    for more info:https://awesomeideas2003.wordpress.com/2016/02/08/the-black-cat-blue-sea-award/
    yes, arabic is a nice language isnt it? I find it very hard to writ etho, becuase my first language is english, i’ve totally got no idea of how to speak bengali i understand a little, that botu it, and my mum just is like i have to do arabic cos i am muslim, and my arabic writing is horrible!!

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    1. Thank you dear Mahjabeen. So sweet of you! I got ya, dear. N i’m sorry I don’t have much times for blogging this week, I have to accompany my son, he has been ill since Saturday. That’s why I’m late to reply your message. I really thank you for the nomination, n congrat for ya!
      For me, I love Arabic as I love English n my own language (Bahasa Indonesia). 🙂

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        1. Thanks so much for your understanding, dear. He..he, just 4 languages, my mother tongue, my national language, English n Arabic (Not fluent) but I love to learn other languages! Enjoy your days, my dear friend!

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